Go2’s “What to do” – Local Search and Events

Go2.com is one of the mobile web’s oldest destinations. The URL has hosted a mobile site since 1999.  The original Go2 was a WML based  local search site that was remarkably powerful for its time. Go2 pioneered features like mobile driving directions and the “what’s nearby” search.  In 2002, Go2 and AT&T collaborated to launch one of the world’s first location based mobile web services.  It used cell tower triangulation to find a user’s location and show nearby restaurants and stores. … Continue reading

Found on the Mobile Web 44

Welcome to Found on the Mobile Web, a semi-regular feature at WapReview where we list, describe and link to sites recently added to the WapReview Mobile Directory and YesWap.mobi mobile portal.  With these latest additions the directory and portal now contain 1209 mobile sites. In Search/Directions wap.geocaching.com – Geo-caching is a sort of geek treasure hunt where players search for hidden caches using Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS).  The GPS coordinates of caches are published on the Internet.  Each cache is … Continue reading