Skyfire 2.0 For Android Examined

Less than 24 hours after I chided Skyfire for only offering only a limited closed Alpha of Skyfire for Android,  the Skyfire for Android 2.0 Beta was released to all comers. Coincidence, almost certainly but cool nonetheless. As soon as it was announced I grabbed a copy of Skyfire from the Android Market with my T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (HTC Magic).  You should be able to easily find it by searching the Market for “Skyfire”.  If not or you have a … Continue reading

YouTube Mobile Site Update – Direct Mobile Video Uploads, Commenting and More

The newly redesigned YouTube mobile site ( adds social sharing features and direct video uploading.   The new version, which was released August 6, 2009, doesn’t really look much different. The new stuff isn’t visible until you log in. I’ll admit that I didn’t actually have a YouTube account until yesterday, I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, mostly by following links from other sites but I never really felt the need to share my own videos on the … Continue reading