Google I/O Wrapup

Photo by SeanOsteen Some rights reserved. The two days I spent Google I/O were an exciting whirlwind of running from presentation to presentation, and much to my surprise, eating! I didn’t think I’d ever praise the food at a tech conference but as a couple Googlers pointed out, with Google the food is always good. The usual conference fare is a box lunch consisting of a sandwich, apple, bag of chips and cookie. Not for I/O though, Google set up … Continue reading

Anticipating Android at Google I/O

I spent the day at the Google I/O developer’s conference here in San Francisco. What a great event and hugely popular. I attended all the mobile track sessions, three on Android and one on Gears for mobile. The day stared with Vic Gundotra’s keynote. Vince’s message was that Google wants to give developers the tools to build a better web, something Google and developers both stand to benefit from. He mentioned Google’s debt to the Open Source movement and said … Continue reading