Google I/O – Music, Movies and Ice Cream Sandwich

I wasn’t able to get into Google I/O this year. I wasn’t the only one, the two day developer event in San Francisco, which is limited to 5000 attendees in San Francisco, sold out in 59 minutes. In response to the enormous demand, Google set up over 110 free Google I/O Extended live viewing parties around the world where the keynotes and selected sessions are shown on the big screen. At the I/O keynote Vic Gundotra announced that the I/O … Continue reading

Updated: Google I/O: Android 2.2 and Google TV

Updated 25-May-2010: Froyo availability information updated including links to Froyo ROM downloads.  Corrected:  Streaming non-DRM music over the air from your PC to the phone is a future release feature and is NOT in Froyo. As expected yesterday’s Google I/O announcements were all about Android. Android OS 2.2 code named  FroYo (“Frozen Yogurt”),  and Google TV, which runs Android, were announced. Neither is available to yet. FroYo: Google is certainly raising the bar with Android 2.2. The major new features … Continue reading

Google I/O Day One Wrap Up

The theme of today’s I/O keynote was Google’s commitment to HTML5 and web apps. The day’s significant announcements all lend support to Google’s web centric vision of the future: Google announced that it has open sourced the  high performance VP8 video codec that Google acquired through their acquisition of On2. VP8 packaged with the Ogg Vorbis audio codec in the  Matroska  container format make up WebM, a new web video standard that is 100% open source and royalty free.  WebM … Continue reading

What Will Google Unveil AT I/O Tomorrow?

Photo: beussery cc Some rights reserved The big Google I/O developer event kicks off in San Francisco tomorrow. WapReview will be there trying to learn as much as possible about what Google will be doing in mobile, especially in mobile webapps and services. Watch for live updates from the keynote tomorrow on my @Yeswap account on Twitter and for a daily wrap up here on I expect to see some big announcements in the mobile web services area. Likely … Continue reading

Google I/O 2009 Wrapup

I’ve had a couple of days to absorb what I saw and learned at Google I/O.  Here’s my take on the conference, especially as it relates to mobile. First, it was the best run technical event I’ve ever attended.  Not only were the sessions very well presented and useful for anyone working with or interested in Google services, APIs and products but the event logistics were beautifully done. Someone sweated the little details like the indoor attended bicycle parking, short … Continue reading

Google Wave – Email Reinvented

The big announcement at I/O today was Google Wave, a personal communication and collaboration tool. Google obviously has great aspirations for this product. The entire 90 minute keynote was devoted to a demo of Wave by lead developer Lars Rasmussen and product manager Stephanie Hannon. Lars and his brother Jens are the brains behind Google Maps. Wave will be open source and is pure HTML5 and runs in the browser, including the browsers on the iPhone and Android. Lars described … Continue reading

Mobile is Big at the Google I/O Developer Conference

I just got back from the first day of Google I/O. What an exciting day for mobile web advocates like me. In the keynote CEO Eric Schmidt and Vice President of Developer Platforms Vic Gundotra said “mobile” so many times I lost count.  There were some significant announcements and Schmidt promises even bigger ones tomorrow.  From the keynote to the “After Hours” party, it was a long day.  I’ve only had time to write up a few highlights but will … Continue reading

I’m Going to Google I/O!

I’ll be at Google I/O in San Francisco tomorrow and Thursday.  Mostly I’ll be haunting the mobile sessions, although I want to take in a some of the App Engine and AJAX ones too. It looks like the mobile track is all Android, which is great.  With the slew of recent Android device announcements and project head Andy Rubin recently saying that Android is “revolutionary“, I’m hoping for some major Android news out of I/O this year. I also want … Continue reading