Microsoft to Use InfoGin’s Transcoder

InfoGin announced today that they have signed an agreement to provide data transformation services for Microsoft’s Live Mobile Search.  Microsoft had been using an in-house transcoding engine for Live Search. InfoGin has one of the best of the current crop of transcoders.  It partially converts Adobe Flash content by rendering Flash animations as animated gifs and allowing users to follow URL links within Flash. What I like best about InfoGin though is that they do not alter the HTTP User … Continue reading

MSN Mobile Video Update

A few days ago I wrote about Microsoft’s launch of MSN Mobile Video.  It’s a nice service with thousands of fresh, interesting clips from the full-web MSN Video library.  Unfortunately when I visited the site with a couple of video capable phones, the Nokia N95-3 and Motorola Z8, I got the message “We currently do not support Video on your device“. From that, I assumed that the site only offered videos in Windows Mobile format and suggested that if Microsoft … Continue reading

The New Windows Live Mobile Portal

Sometimes it’s hard to understand Microsoft’s Web and Mobile Web branding. There’s MSN and there’s Windows Live and I never know which one to use.  I think back in 2005 when Live was launched it was supposed to eventually replace MSN.  It was a full portal; Live Search, Live Spaces, Live HotMail, Live Messenger and a Live homepage with News and Sports. But Live as a replacement for MSN never really took off and it seems to be have been … Continue reading