Nokia Targets the BlackBerry Market With MS Exchange, Communicator and Sharepoint Integration

I just got back from Berlin where I attended Microsoft Tech.Ed Europe along with Mike Maddaloni ( and Craig Richards  ( as the guests of WOMWorld/Nokia. Tech.Ed is a series of annual conferences that Microsoft holds  around the world. It’s primarily a technical training  event but there are also high level keynote sessions covering Microsoft and partner’s products, services and strategies and a large Expo floor where many companies  have booths promoting their development tools and enterprise products and services. … Continue reading

Tech.Ed Europe

I’ll be at the Microsoft Tech.Ed Conference in Berlin Tuesday and Wednesday as the guest of WOMWorld and Nokia. I was really surprised when I got an email from WOMWorld a little over a week ago offering to send me to Berlin for the conference. Totally unexpected and wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing Berlin for the first time too. I’m not sure what Nokia has in store for me at Tech-Ed.  They are a sponsor of the Microsoft conference, … Continue reading