yiibu – Mobile Design Resource and Showcase

Bryan and Stephanie Rieger are designers who take an pragmatic, inclusive approach to delivering content across a wide range of devices. Earlier this year they released two seminal (and beautifully designed) presentations on mobile. “Sowing Seeds” is about mobile in the developing world and why targeting only the iPhone and Android misses huge populations of people who depend on basic devices to close the digital divide. “Rethinking the Mobile Web” is a guide to creating content that is accessible on … Continue reading

Parent’s Choice – A Cross Platform Touch Web Site

Taptu released the second edition of their monthly  Touch Web Report today. Taptu defines the Touch Web as consisting of sites that are optimized for touch screen phones, including touch screen feature phones, rather than for a specific device like the iPhone. To date Taptu has found 326,000 touch web sites. In comparison there are only about 148,000 apps in the iPhone app store.  Because it’s not limited to a single device or subject to arbitratry approval processes, the Touch … Continue reading

iPhone Only Web Sites Are Bad Business

Houston TV channel KRIV recently launched FoxRad.mobi. It’s a standalone mobile weather site that isn’t linked to the channel’s  main mobile news (including weather) site at wap.myfoxhouston.com. FoxRad provides very comprehensive weather information for Houston area residents with national, regional and local forecasts and radar maps.  At the local level FoxRad.mobi provides a separate forecast page and radar map for each of the 18 counties making up metro Houston.  It’s a great resource for anyone who needs detailed, timely weather … Continue reading