Mobile Firefox Best On The W3C’s New Mobile Browser Test

The W3C’s Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group has released their Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers Version 2.  It’s at This is a forward looking test that is designed to test HTML 5 capabilities that will drive the next generation of mobile Webapps including XmlHttpRequest, <canvas>, <input type=’date’>, contenteditable, Appcache,  <video>, <audio>, Web Workers, localStorage, sessionStorage and @font-face. Most mobile browsers don’t support many of these capabilities yet. I tried the new test with all the mobile browsers … Continue reading

Transcoders and HTTPS

The W3C is still grappling with the issues around content transformation. As I wrote back in August, the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group (BPWG) within the W3C is in the process of formulating a set of Content Transformation Guidelines, defining how web to mobile transcoders should work. The discussions have been extremely heated.  Virtually everyone developing mobile web sites just wants  transcoders to leave their content alone.  There’s considerable distrust in the developer community about the the BPWG, which many … Continue reading

Opting Out of Transcoding

Remember the furor that erupted on the web and the wmlprogramming Yahoo group over transcoders? Specifically, the ones that Vodafone UK and other carriers implemented with the goal of making non-mobile web pages more usable on mobile handsets? The issue was that these services had the (hopefully unintended) consequence of degrading or completely breaking numerous mobile web sites and services. Ring tone and game downloads no longer worked, some mobile web sites didn’t load or displayed malformed content. Sites that … Continue reading