Instabam – Your World Through The Eyes of Others


A new location aware mobile web app that displays photos taken near your current location. The photos come from the popular iPhone photo taking and photo sharing app Instagram using the later’s public API. Most are altered using Instagram’s arty (some say cheesy) filters.

Pictures are displayed as a grid of thumbnails. Taping a picture shows it full-screen along with when and where it was shot and the photographer’s name and avatar. A slider lets you alter the range that Instabam searches from the default of 1000m up to 5000m (about 3 miles).

Unlike the iPhone only Instagram, Instabam is designed to work with any touch screen phone that supports the geoloction API. It worked well for me in theĀ  Android 1.5 and 2.2, bada Dolfin and Opera Mobile 10.1 and 11.0 browsers. I especially like how the webapp scales to fit any screen size.

Instambam was created “in a few hours” by a couple of obviously talented London based Web designers/developers, Murat and @frasiocht. They plan to enhance Instabam with photo sorting and the ability to view photo comments, follow users and like photos.

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