Highlights Of Mobilize 2011

Here are my top take-aways from GigaOm‘s two day Mobilize conference which wrapped up yesterday. Mobile payments are coming, but when and how? The mobile payments panel was interesting but I think it showed just how chaotic the payments space is right now. It had representatives from PayPal, Visa, Intuit and VeriFone all arguing for their own largely incompatible solutions. 2015 was mentioned by several panelists as the “year of mobile payments”, when most phones would have payment capabilities and most merchants who be ready to accept mobile payments.  To ensure … Continue reading

Instabam – Your World Through The Eyes of Others

A new location aware mobile web app that displays photos taken near your current location. The photos come from the popular iPhone photo taking and photo sharing app Instagram using the later’s public API. Most are altered using Instagram’s arty (some say cheesy) filters. Pictures are displayed as a grid of thumbnails. Taping a picture shows it full-screen along with when and where it was shot and the photographer’s name and avatar. A slider lets you alter the range that … Continue reading