Instabam – Your World Through The Eyes of Others

A new location aware mobile web app that displays photos taken near your current location. The photos come from the popular iPhone photo taking and photo sharing app Instagram using the later’s public API. Most are altered using Instagram’s arty (some say cheesy) filters. Pictures are displayed as a grid of thumbnails. Taping a picture shows it full-screen along with when and where it was shot and the photographer’s name and avatar. A slider lets you alter the range that … Continue reading

Bolt Browser 2.5 – HTML5, Geolocation, Improved UI and Ads

Click images to view full size. Bitstream released a new version of the Bolt Java ME browser at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday. It’s Bolt 2.5 and new features include support for more HTML5 features including  the Geolocation API, the ability to play Facebook videos and some subtle tweaks to the UI that make it more touch friendly and reduce the number of clicks needed to perform common actions. Download Bolt 2.5 from: (PC) or (mobile … Continue reading

Found On The Mobile Web #234

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2348 mobile sites. Tech News Sites and Blogs Wired Wired magazine’s slick new mobile site features most of the content of in a very attractive touch mobile format that takes some of its design cues from the magazine’s acclaimed (and pricey) … Continue reading

Facebook Places, the Mobile Perspective

Facebook created a wave of excitement and consternation this week with the announcement of Facebook Places. It adds mobile check ins, ala Foursquare, to the Facebook iPhone app and the mobile webapp. When you click the Places Tab or a new teardrop shaped icon next to the status box on your Facebook homepage or wall, Facebook uses your location to display nearby  “Places” relevant to your interests (image top left). You can check in to a place, add new … Continue reading

KeyToss – Best Mobile Hotel Search and Booking Site Yet?

I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with most of the mobile hotel search and booking sites I’ve tried. I don’t know what it is about this category but hotel sites always seem to have serious usability problems; unnecessarily complex search forms, illogically sorted results, listings for hotels that turn out to have no availability, “bait and switch” pricing or prices buried several levels deep making comparison shopping unnecessarily complex. This week KeyToss launched a new mobile hotel booking service at I’ve covered KeyToss before. … Continue reading