Bolt Browser Android Private Beta – Invite Codes Available Here

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An Android version of the popular proxy based Bolt Browser has entered a limited private Beta. To participate you must have a Beta code. The Bolt Android team has provided me with 500 codes which I’m making available to Wap Review readers on a first come first served basis. Read on the find out how to get your free invite code.

I’ve installed Bolt on my T-Mobile My Touch 3G (HTC Magic) and although their are some minor issues it’s quite usable.

The purpose of a Beta test is to test the app on a wide variety of devices, networks and web sites. If you choose to participate in the program you should make an effort to report any bugs and usability issue to Bolt so that they can be addressed. There’s a special bug report page for Android Beta testers at

To join the Bolt Android Beta and get your unique one-time download link, go to and enter your name, email address and the code: wapreview The link will be emailed to you so be sure and use a valid email address.


8 thoughts on “Bolt Browser Android Private Beta – Invite Codes Available Here

  1. can you pls put the entire source in .zip format and project set up instructions so that many ppl can download and test the same?

    • Not sure what you are asking but it sounds like you are looking for Bolt source code. I don’t have it. Bolt is dead now anyway but it was never an open source project so I doubt you will find the source anywhere.

    • Bolt Java can download images, videos and app .JARs provided the phone’s Java security rules allow it to. I do it all the time on my Nokia N8. If you can’t download with Bolt try:

      1) Use one of the signed versions of Bolt from
      2) Set “read user data” and “write user data” to allowed in the phone’s Bolt options.
      3) Many phones only allow downloads to the memory card

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