New Bolt Browser Android Beta 2 – Beta Codes Here

Bitstream has released a second beta of their Android browser. New in this release are: Video –  New Adaptive Streaming technology for better video performance UI fixes – for a smoother UI experience Social Tab –  Share links to websites, videos and more to Facebook. As before this is a closed Beta. A Beta code is required to download it. Bitstream was nice enough to share a code exclusively for WapReview readers. The code is “wapreview“. To join the Bolt … Continue reading

Bolt Browser Android Private Beta – Invite Codes Available Here

An Android version of the popular proxy based Bolt Browser has entered a limited private Beta. To participate you must have a Beta code. The Bolt Android team has provided me with 500 codes which I’m making available to Wap Review readers on a first come first served basis. Read on the find out how to get your free invite code. I’ve installed Bolt on my T-Mobile My Touch 3G (HTC Magic) and although their are some minor issues it’s … Continue reading

Bolt Browser 2.5 – HTML5, Geolocation, Improved UI and Ads

Click images to view full size. Bitstream released a new version of the Bolt Java ME browser at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday. It’s Bolt 2.5 and new features include support for more HTML5 features including  the Geolocation API, the ability to play Facebook videos and some subtle tweaks to the UI that make it more touch friendly and reduce the number of clicks needed to perform common actions. Download Bolt 2.5 from: (PC) or (mobile … Continue reading

Opera Mini, Bolt and UC Browser On Bada Phones!

Samsung’s Dolfin browser on the Wave bada phone is a good one  in most respects. It loads pages quickly,  has excellent JavaScript performance and supports geo-location and many HTML5 features. But I found it unusable with many desktop sites because the fonts are too small to read at the zoom level where text columns fit the screen. When you zoom in text doesn’t reflow and you have to scroll horizontally to read which I find intolerable. Thanks to a reader … Continue reading

Bolt 2.02 Released

Bitstream updated the Bolt browser to version 2.02 today. There doesn’t seem to be a changelog,  but according to a post by one of the admins on the official Bolt user forum its “..a minor update which will speedup the connection in some devices and also fixes the cookies/login-save issues in some devices.” Bolt will prompt you to update every time you launch it. Updating over the air is pretty painless with most platforms. If you have problems updating, visit … Continue reading

How to Change the Bolt Browser’s User Agent

A lot of people seem to want to change their mobile browser’s User Agent header. The subject comes up all the time on the Opera Mini MyOpera forum.  The complaint is always the same, some web site is redirecting Opera Mini users to a limited mobile version of the site when the user wants the full site.  This happens because every browser sends a User Agent header which identifies it. Web developers often use the User Agent to direct browsers … Continue reading

Bolt 2.0 – Now With Tabs And Facebook Integration

A Beta version of Bolt 2.0 was released  today.  The biggest change is the inclusion of tabbed browsing. This brings Bolt’s feature set closer to its chief competitors in the proxy based Java browser space, UCWEB and Opera Mini both of which already have tabs. Also new in this release is the ability to share links on Facebook and update your Facebook status from within Bolt. The tab implementation in Bolt is pretty nice.  When a link or bookmark is … Continue reading

Bolt 1.7 Adds Widgets, Twitter Integration, Flash Video and Download Manager Enhancements

There were a huge number of major announcements at the Mobile World Congresss (MWC) in Barcelona today.  Somewhat lost in the barrage of press releases was that Bitstream has released Bolt 1.7.  The main things that are new in this release are: The ability to post to  Twitter from within Bolt.  Posts are pre-populated with the current page’s URL and are editable so you can add your own comments to the tweet. Widgets (images below) based on the draft W3C … Continue reading