SPeeDY New Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android With Improved CSS3 and HTML5 Support

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Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android 1.6 and later was released today. It’s available now from the Play Store. Sideloaders can download the .apk from opera.com/mobile/download/versions/.

This release emphasizes improved performance. It includes support for additional CSS3 and HTML5 features and an implementation of Google’s SPDY “SPeeDY” protocol which reduces latency and improves page loading speed.  Fraud protection, which warns users of suspicious web pages has been added and Opera Mobile for Android now supports MIPS and Intel processors.  Here’s the full change log:

Improved Standards Support:

  • Added support for CSS Flexible Box Layout Module (aka Flexbox)
  • Added support for CSS Animations
  • Updated implementation for CSS Transitions
  • Updated WebSocket implementation (RFC6455)
  • Updated Media Queries implementation
  • Added partial support for HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • Added support for HTML5 Clipboard API and events
  • Added support for contentEditable/designMode
  • Added support for SPDY protocol
  • Added support for Page Visibility API

Improved compatibility:

  • Support a selection of webkit prefixed and unprefixed CSS properties


  • Fraud protection
  • With added ‘Fraud Protection’ Opera Mobile will warn users about suspicious webpages by checking the page requested against a database of pages known to be of a fraudulent nature.

Added Architecture Support:

  • MIPS
  • X86

Other improvements:

  • Support CPU Filtering in Google Play store
  • Reduces Binary Size

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4 thoughts on “SPeeDY New Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android With Improved CSS3 and HTML5 Support

  1. Does HTML5 browsing supports on low-end android phones which doesn’t support HTML5 browsing?

  2. Hi,

    I am currently using a Sony Ericsson Neo V phone which has an Android OS. Recently got to know about the iBrowser which was said to have some amazing features. Found it on the Play Store and it installed pretty quickly as it wasn’t a too large app. In the beginning it was a little confusing as there are a lot of things laid out that you don’t expect in a usual browser that is pre-installed in your phone. But, as soon as you start using it, it gets pretty simple as everything is in front of you like a browser that you expect on a PC. You are also amazed by its speed as it is considerably faster than your pre-installed browser. The features that really come across as amazing are the night mode (not so much for my phone but i’m sure it is a blessing for JAVA and symbian phones) and the privacy mode. Also, read online that this browser along with being fast, also helps in cost reduction as it has some compression technology embedded inside it. Really user friendly as the things that i would want are right in front of me. It also gets difficult to download videos when you are browsing through the phone, but the iBrowser gives you the option of downloading videos as soon as you click them open. This really is like a blessing as downloading videos before was never so easy. Features wise and overall i really like this browser and am super happy with it and would give it a nine on ten rating.

    • Interesting find. It’s from TenCent, which is a huge social network in China. I just tried the Java version and wasn’t impressed – lots of rendering issues.

      I wonder if they use their own rendering engine on Android or if it’s based on Android’s built in WebView class like UC Browser, Skyfire, Dolphin, etc.?

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