Delivr’s Integration Comes to the Mobile Web

Delivr's Post to option

When I wrote about the mobile aware link shortener and micro-blogging network, Delivr‘s new integration a few weeks ago it only worked in desktop browsers.  No more,  now you can create a Delivr Share URL in your mobile browser and immediately post it on multiple networks using

So what are Delivr and and why would you want to use them?

Delivr is a short URL generator that lets you shorten links  and share them on nine different  social networks, one at a time. It’s a  mobile friendly service that automaticlly directs visitors to the mobile or desktop versions of the content you are sharing. There’s much more to Delivr too like analytics, micro-blogging, backup and download of your shared URLs and a QR code generator. lets your share links and messages  on 41  different social networks. That means you can simultaneously update  your status or promote your latest blog post on Twitter, Facebook and other networks with a minimum of effort.

Here’s how to get it all working:

  • First you need to have accounts on both and Both are free.
  • Go to and copy your Ping Desktop / Web key;
  • Go to and paste in your key
  • Now when you go to with your mobile browser you can select any of your Delivr shared URLs and click the new Post to link (first image).  This brings you to a form (second image) where you can enter  a title and descriptive text to go with the link you are sharing.
  • You can also share new URLs by entering them on the Delivr mobile page.Delivr's Post to form.

The real power of Delivr plus comes when you automate the process of sharing the page you are currently viewing with a bookmarklet:  Paste or enter


into a bookmark.  When you want to share the page you are currently viewing with Delivr,  just select thae bookmark and you will be taken to the Delivr share page with the URL already created.

Opera Mini users can get the bookmarklet without having to type or paste by visiting  the Opera mini bookmarkets page at and following  the instructions.

2 thoughts on “Delivr’s Integration Comes to the Mobile Web

  1. Great! Since I heard that via the Opera Mini I can use the touch screen of my Sony Ericsson Satio while browsing I’m absolutely into Opera Mini and this App looks like another great program!

  2. Hi Dennis.

    Your readers may like to know that the bookmarklet (javascript:location.href=%27 also works really sweet on the iPhone.


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