Delivr’s Integration Comes to the Mobile Web

When I wrote about the mobile aware link shortener and micro-blogging network, Delivr‘s new integration a few weeks ago it only worked in desktop browsers.  No more,  now you can create a Delivr Share URL in your mobile browser and immediately post it on multiple networks using So what are Delivr and and why would you want to use them? Delivr is a short URL generator that lets you shorten links  and share them on nine different  … Continue reading

Delivr’s Impressive New Analytics Features, a mobile aware URL sharing and shortening service and micro-blogging platform, has just released a major upgrade. Registered Deliver users can now see comprehensive and visually exciting analytics showing how, where and when their Delivr shares have been viewed. To see it in action: Visit, log in and click “Dashboard” link Click the graph icon to the right of a share that’s received some views to see  the percentage of  mobile vs desktop views and the number of  … Continue reading

Buzzwire Wants to be the Mobile Digg

There have been numerous attempts at duplicating the success of Digg on the mobile web.  Mobile sites like Admob owned TapTap along with bMarks, Mobilised and Tappity copy the basic Digg model of a crowd sourced URL sharing recommendation engine.  These sites seem to be getting a fair amount of traffic although none of four has anything like Digg’s name recognition. Buzzwire, a new service at which was launched today, aims to change that.  Buzzwire, as a  company, is … Continue reading

ZeroRubbish Portal Lives Up to it’s Name

ZeroRubbish ( is a comprehensive mobile portal which combines a mobile link directory, multi-search engine, chat rooms and forums with social networking features including profiles, guest book and shared personal link directories.  As the site’s name implies, submitted links pass through an approval process to eliminate adult and low quality content, non-mobile sites and other “rubbish”. No registration is needed to browse the directory, follow links and use the search engine. Registered users get access to chat and forums and … Continue reading