Delivr’s Integration Comes to the Mobile Web

When I wrote about the mobile aware link shortener and micro-blogging network, Delivr‘s new integration a few weeks ago it only worked in desktop browsers.  No more,  now you can create a Delivr Share URL in your mobile browser and immediately post it on multiple networks using So what are Delivr and and why would you want to use them? Delivr is a short URL generator that lets you shorten links  and share them on nine different  … Continue reading

Sweet – Delivr Gets Integration

My favorite link sharing tool just got even easier to use.  Delivr has added a share with button to the the detail page for every Delivr shared URL.  So now you can now share your Delivr links on with a single click.  This is great news for me as I already use for multicasting status updates and blog posts to Twitter, Facebook and several other social networks. If you are unfamiliar with and here’s a … Continue reading

New Opera Mini Bookmarklets – Ping this! and Copy Page Text

I’ve added several new bookmarklets to the Tools section of the Opera Mini Bookmarklets page at   If you aren’t familiar with bookmarklets they’re JavaScript snippets that live in a browser bookmark’s URL field. They are sort of a lightweight version of FireFox extensions.  Bookmarklets can do all sorts of clever things like changing the color of all the links on a page, displaying site cookies or HTTP headers, translating the page to a different language or posting a link … Continue reading