Mobile Bookmarklet Page Update and Cleanup

Mobile Browser Bookmarklets

Most of the better mobile browsers support JavaScript bookmarklets, including Opera Mini 4.2 and 5, Mobile Internet Explorer, Palm Blazer, Opera Mobile, the iPhone, MicroB, Firefox Mobile and the latest version of Nokia Webkit on the N86 and Symbian 5th edition devices.

I maintain a page at containing dozens of tested mobile bookmarklets and instructions for using them. Today I added a couple of new bookmarklets  to the page:

Zap Cookies – Delete all cookies associated with the current domain.

Page Rank – Display current domain’s Google Page Rank using

The bookmarklets page has been around for three years and some link rot seems to have set in. I went through and tested all the bookmarklets and found quite a few that no longer worked. I was able to fix the following ones:

Top – Go to top level of current site

Add to Gbookmarks – Add current page to Google Bookmarks

Stumble It – Recommend current page at Stumble Upon.

gCache – View Google’s cached version of the current page – This should work

Others I couldn’t fix, in most cases because the cloud service they linked to no longer exists. The following bookmarklets were unfixable for the reasons noted and have been deleted:

Quick РPost Post the current page to with no tags but no form to fill out either.  РBroken by a Delicious API change, use the Post To Delicious bookmarklet instead.

Post to РAdd the current page to competitor,  РMagnolia has shut down

Post to :bMarks – Add the current page to, another mobile social bookmarking site – :bMarks has shut down

Short :bMarks – A shorter :bMarks bookmarklet url for phones, like many Motorolas, that can’t handle long urls – :bMarks has shut down

Technorati This – Search the Mobile Edition of Technorati for Blog posts referencing the current page – Technorati has eliminated their search by URL service.

Copy Page Text – Displays the current page’s text in editable text boxes for copying and pasting using Menneisyys’s copy/paste tool. – Menneisyys’s site is down

Copy Page Text – Alternate version of Menneisyys’s copy/paste tool with one 2000 byte block per page for browsers that can’t handle large pages. – Menneisyys’s site is down

For more about mobile bookmarklets see the following pages:
Supercharge the N900 Browser With Bookmarklets
Updated Opera Mini Bookmarklets Page
Bookmarklets for Opera Mini

Opera Mini 5 has some bugs that can corrupt bookmarklets. See Problems With Bookmarklets in Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 for a explanation and workarounds.

6 thoughts on “Mobile Bookmarklet Page Update and Cleanup

  1. Thanks for update. Some of them also works with UC browser! Yes I’m using from long time. Like google translater. Also one another for But bad thing is that they automaticaly stop working anytime and start to work after few days or more.
    1st I’ve try them with UC 6.7 ver and working but after few month stop working. Now some working with UC 7.0 and 7.1.

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  3. Display current domain’s Google Page Rank using

    That should be : Display current domain’s Google Page Rank using

    You mistyped the name of Andres site , Sir :)

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