Google Buzz Now Available On All Phones!

Yesterday the Google Mobile Team announced on their blog that the Buzz mobile web client is now available on many more devices.  The post mentions support for Windows Mobile, Symbian, pre OS 2.0 Android, BlackBerry and Palm WebOS handsets.  In addition, Buzz now uses geo-location on BlackBerrys as well as the iPhone and Android. It looks like Google has done two things to make this possible. First, the rich mobile web client that Buzz uses for the iPhone and Android … Continue reading

Trying Google Buzz on Android, Symbian – and the N900

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably heard that Google released Buzz yesterday.  Details are on the Google Blog. Buzz appears to be Google’s attempt at building an app that combines the best features of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare into a single all singing, all dancing desktop AND mobile service. With Buzz you can publicly or privately post status updates, photos and videos, view your friends Buzzes and view nearby Buzzes on a map.  Buzzes can automatically include … Continue reading