iPhone iGoogle Now Works in Skyfire, Opera Mini, S60 Webkit

When I covered Google’s resurrected IGoogle for the iPhone, I complained that Google’s overly aggressive browser detection and redirection  was blocking users of other advanced mobile browsers like S60 Webkit and Opera Mini from the site. Today, I noticed that Google seems to have made a subtle change to the way it handles unrecognized and unsupported browsers. It’s now possible to force the advanced mobile version to be delivered to any browser.  Visit google.com/m/ig?uipref=6 to try it. You need to … Continue reading

iGoogle For the iPhone and Android. It’s Baack!

There was quite a bit of furor on the interwebs back in January when Google  killed the special version of the iGoogle personalized home page for the iPhone and Android devices. Google’s explanation at the time was that they wanted to provide a consistent experience across all devices. Which didn’t make much sense given the big Gs enthusiasm for cloud based web services running in advanced mobile web browsers as a replacement for installable apps. For the last five months … Continue reading

KeyToss Mobile Portal – Better than iGoogle?

KeyToss (m.keytoss.com) describes itself as a “Powerful, personalizable portal for smartphones“.  I think that’s a pretty good description.  The default KeyToss home page shows a search box offering a choice of search engines, current weather forecast, recent sports scores, stock quotes, a section of news headlines and about 20 well chosen links to frequently used information like movie show times and flight status. KeyToss is highly customizable.  without even registering, users can change their location and favorite teams, choose which … Continue reading