The Best US Prepaid Data Deals

This post is no longer updated! Please visit to read the latest version. Last update: 26-Nov-2010. What’s new: Prepaid Android phones from Virgin Mobile, Cricket and MetroPCS, T-Mobile Web Day Pass, overpriced monthly prepaid smartphone plans from Verizon, $0.10/min calls on AT&T prepaid. Prepaid mobile plans are a great way to save on voice and SMS but what about data? Using data on prepaid here in the U.S. will require making some compromises. Reasonably priced prepaid data options are … Continue reading

T-Mobile USA Data Price Increases – Bandwidth Issue or Greed?

Are US GSM/HSDPA carriers running out of bandwidth?  It sure looks like it.  First AT&T killed the “unlimited” data package for GoPhone pay as you go users, then they took away the option to sign up for unlimited data for users on GoPhone hybrid prepaid plans.  Now T-Mobile has raised data prices across the board for postpaid and hybrid users. Data has never been offered on T-Mobile pre-paid AT&T’s actions will decrease revenue so I can’t see any reason they … Continue reading