Found On The Mobile Web #245

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2374 mobile sites. Click the thumbnails to view full sized images. Shopping recycler Local classified ads for US locations. A mashup of listings hosted by and ones from Attractive index pages include thumbnail images, seller’s city and a brief description. Recycler … Continue reading

CTIA is Wild This Year and it Hasn’t Even Started Yet.

I’m at the big CTIA Wireless trade show in Orlando this week as the guest of WOMWorld/Nokia.  The event doesn’t start until tomorrow but, thanks to a couple of huge pre-show announcements, it’s already shaping up as an especially interesting show this year. Yesterday, AT&T announced that it is acquiring  T-Mobile USA.  The match-up, if it passes regulatory review, would make AT&T the largest US operator. As a long time satisfied T-Mobile customer who also briefly used AT&T a few years … Continue reading

Updated: T-Mobile USA’s Prepaid Web Daypass – Now Available For Android

Updated 26-Nov-2010 The Web Daypass now works on all phones including Android devices. T-Mobile introduced a new Web Day Pass option for its prepaid users this week.  It provides 24 hours of unlimited data access for $1.49.  While its a little pricey for everyday use, it should come in handy for travelers or anyone else needing to use data occasionally.  To activate the day pass you just open the browser and try to load a page and you will be … Continue reading

Nokia E73 Connection Settings Demystified

I continue to be impressed with the Nokia E73 Mode. I especially like the form factor, keyboard and quality construction. The E73 is a variant of the E72 made for and branded by T-Mobile USA. It comes with support for the operator’s unusual 1700/2100 3G frequencies and also has a rather nice feature which T-Mobile calls “WiFi Calling” or  “Unlicensed Mobile Access” (UMA) which  lets you  make and receive calls and texts using WiFi.  UMA is not the same as … Continue reading

Updated: The Good and the Bad – New Prepaid Data Options From Sprint, T-Mobile

Updated 16-May-2010; new Virgin Mobile plans can be used with any Virgin Mobile US handset. One thing that’s been holding back the adoption of  mobile web services in the US is the lack of affordable data,  or in some cases,  any data at all on prepaid mobile plans.  It looks like that is about to change with both T-Mobile and Sprint expected to roll out new data options for prepaid users this month. Sprint’s new offer looks pretty good.  Starting … Continue reading

Here Come The Cheap Smartphones

Smartphone market share has been steadily rising for the last few years and I think that the growth rates are about to turn exponential. I’m not alone in this belief,  Nielsen predicts that smartphones will outsell feature phones in the US by the end of next year.  The main impediment to smartphone growth is cost.  Even in developed countries many purchasers balk at the average $400 that a typical smartphone commands.  But that’s changing thanks to open source smartphone OSs … Continue reading

Nexus One Brings PC Pricing Model to Phones

Google’s Nexus One launch this week was interesting for several reasons, the phone’s much faster processor, OLED screen and a form factor resembling the iPhone’s have led it to be dubbed an “iPhone Killer”.  Much is also being made of the fact that Google is now selling phones directly to consumers. But that’s  hardly revolutionary, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have long been more than willing to sell you a phone from their websites. And unlocked phones are available from Amazon … Continue reading Updated – New Maps, Easier Navigation

Navteq has updated their free mobile traffic site, The major changes since I last looked at the site are the ability to search for your city by zip code and maps! covers over 50 U.S. metropolitan areas and lets you pick yours from a drop down list. That can be a tedious process on some basic phones that only let you slowly scroll the list one line at a time. The addition of a zip code field makes … Continue reading