Updated: How to View the Full Version of Sites in Opera Mini and Other Mobile Browsers


Originally published in 2009, this post is updated regularly with the latest workarounds for viewing the desktop versions of mobile sites in mobile browsers. Last update 12-Jan-2014: Added reader-contributed workarounds for Google Search and Google Image Search. Removed non-working Yahoo Mail links. One of the biggest frustrations of using the web with mobile browsers is web sites that force them to use dumbed down mobile versions.  I have nothing against mobile sites, obviously. I build them and I write about them here at … Continue reading

New MySpace “Middle Web” Site – Video Support Still Limited

Earlier this month, MySpace started delivering a new version of their mobile web site, m.myspace.com, to Android, Palm WebOS and iPhone users (image, above).  The new site is a typical example of what used to be called an iPhone Web App.  It features a single column design, optimized for screens 320 px wide and up with JavaScript used for incremental page updates. Middle web page sizes can be quite large compared to mobile sites, which need to be less than … Continue reading

CTIA: itsmy – A Mobile Social Network That’s Big in the US

Wandering around the CTIA floor today I happened upon the itsmy.com booth.  I’d heard about itsmy before, in fact I mentioned them in passing in my Peperonity review back in Janurary. But I realized than I’d never really written about itsmy or added them to the WapReview Mobile Web Directory.  I spent some time at the show talking to Mikko Saarelainen, itsmy’s director of content and communications. He shared some information about itsmy’s features and traffic and I’ve added them … Continue reading