Nokia E73 Connection Settings Demystified

I continue to be impressed with the Nokia E73 Mode. I especially like the form factor, keyboard and quality construction. The E73 is a variant of the E72 made for and branded by T-Mobile USA. It comes with support for the operator’s unusual 1700/2100 3G frequencies and also has a rather nice feature which T-Mobile calls “WiFi Calling” or  “Unlicensed Mobile Access” (UMA) which  lets you  make and receive calls and texts using WiFi.  UMA is not the same as … Continue reading

CES Impressions – Palm, Nokia, Skype

I’m not actually AT CES but I’ve been following it on the blogosphere.  The big mobile announcement is of course the Palm Pre.  It’s the first device running the  long awaited (and twice delayed) Linux based, next generation Palm platform, which is called WebOS rather than Nova.  Very iPhonesque in appearance,  but with a slide out QWERY keyboard, the Pre features a multi-touch UI.  The few people who’ve been allowed to play with it have  found the user experience be … Continue reading