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The mobile edition of  US based mobile phone news and reviews site, serves up most of the editorial content on the full-web PhoneDog site in mobile-friendly format.

The one-size-fits-all-devices site’s front page lists PhoneDog’s most recent posts in chronological order with a thumbnail image for each item. Individual post pages contain the full-text and all the images and videos from the full-web version. Pages can get quite large, over a megabyte in some cases. That shouldn’t be a problem for any modern smartphone or for lesser devices running a proxy browser like Opera Mini, UC Browser or Bolt but could be too much for the embedded WAP browsers on some feature phones.

PhoneDog is best known for its videos which include unboxings and in-depth video reviews of phones and software. The mobile edition retains all the videos in posts and also has a separate “Videos” tab listing featured videos. PhoneDog’s videos are served from YouTube which does a great job of detecting devices and delivering the optimal video format for each phone.

Other tabs at the top of each page lead to the phone Reviews page and a New Phones page of announcements and gossip regarding unreleased devices.

PhoneDog was one of the last mobile news sites to get a mobile edition. I’ve heard that the main PhoneDog site was built with custom in-house code, rather than an off the shelf CMS like WordPress or Drupal, which made mobilizing it somewhat complex. Whatever it took, the result is worth it. PhoneDog Mobile looks great, is easy to navigate and has all the content the site’s regulars expect.

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