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Y! Fantasy Football Home ScreenAlong with oneConnect and extending the BluePrint widget platform to allow the creation of standalone mobile apps and site Yahoo made another announcement at CTIA.

It’s the mobile edition of Yahoo Fantasy Football (m.yahoo.com/fantasy). Fantasy sports leagues have a huge following around the world and especially in North America. The basic idea is that you form a league with your friends. Each participant owns one or more teams. The league holds a draft where each owner picks players for his team from the active players of a real world sports league. The game is played using a head to head format where each team plays games with other teams and the winner is determined by the relative real world performances of the two team’s players. An alternate “points” format has the winner determined by a simple accumulation of total points earned over the duration of the season.

The rules of fantasy sports games have many variants and can get pretty complicated, especially so for American football which is what Yahoo’s game is based on. If you are interested in learning, WikiPedia has a good introduction to Fantasy Football

Yahoo Fantasy Football supports most of the variations including “head to head” or “points” play, live or automatic drafts, and player trades, waivers and free agency. The basic version of Fantasy Football is free. There are also premium add-ons available for enhanced statistics and analytic tools like scouting reports. The add-on packages range from $9.95 to $24.99 per team with discounts for multiple teams under a single owner. Or you can buy a package of all the available add-ons for all teams in your league for $124.99

The mobile version of Yahoo Fantasy Football includes the ability for team owners to manage their teams, read player and general NFL news, expert analysis and injury information, and to make roster changes. You will still need the to use the full PC version to create leagues and teams and to conduct the league draft.

If you look at the URLs used by Fantasy Football Mobile you will see that except for the initial entry point all of them are on the netbiscuits.com domain. That’s because Yahoo turned to Germany’s Netbiscuits to create the site. Netbiscuits also built Yahoo’s Beijing Qlympics and March Madness sites.

Mobile Linkm.yahoo.com/fantasy

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3 thoughts on “CTIA: Yahoo Fantasy Football

  1. I’ve played all the FF leagues, and the Yahoo is the only one I can not recommend. Unless you want a frustrating experience. I can’t even fathom how bad it is compared to the others. Why anyone would sign up for this frustrating experience I have no idea, next year we’ll be playing in another league. Like most we play the ‘free’ league. All of the other free leagues are truly free, but Yahoo starts charging you after the first week in their ‘free’ leagues if you want to know the score or stats. So either you pay or play blind – really a low scam by Yahoo!”

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  3. I have a major problem in my league!! I tried to make changes to my league defensive team points category and it continue to minus each team 33 points for the first score against them. How do I correct this problem?

    Will Harris
    League Commissioner

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