WAP Review Mobile

Announcing WAP Review Mobile! I’ve launched a new mobile version of this blog featuring almost everything on the full site in a format that I hope will work on even the most brain dead of WAP2 phones. It’s based on Alex King’s wp-mobile WordPress plugin which I’ve tweaked a little to suit my tastes.  Image: Wap Review Mobile  There is browser detection so if you hit wapreview.com/blog with a mobile device you should automatically get the mobile version. As a side benefit if you follow a link to any of the posts on the blog, for example fromĀ  Bloglines Mobile you should get the mobile version of that post. All the images in the full posts have been re-sized to more mobile friendly dimensions and longer posts are split into multiple pages so everything should work even on memory starved low end devices. You can force mobile rendering even on a PC by using the url mp.wapreview.com. Another url, pc.wapreview.com will always render the full version even on mobile devices.

If you encounter any problems such as getting the wrong version, error messages or the images not showing up, please let me know either by leaving a comment or via the contact form. The mobile edition has no contact form but does support leaving comments. Try to give me as much information as possible such as phone make and model, carrier/provider and a clear description of the problem. I can’t promise to fix every issue but I’ll do my best. Note that you must have a device capable of rendering html, wml-only phones will get redirected a text-only WINKsite version of the blog.

While I’m at it let me put in a plug for WINKsite which I’ve been using for years. They offer a free service that allows anyone to create an instant mobile site from any RSS feed. I think it’s a great service – extremely easy to use and it produces a mobile site that is compatible with just about every mobile browser.

I’ve added a link to WAP Review Mobile on the YesWAP.com portal under Technology/Mobile Phones/News – Reviews.