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  1. Yes, I'm wishing I could access Live calendar too. I've been a Yahoo! Go user for about a year and while it's nice to share calendars with the full web calendar on Yahoo's site, the Yahoo! Go app will only show you your calendar (and it won't allow you to create calendar items).

    Windows Live would be 100% of what I'm looking for if I could just access/manage my calendar (and my friends shared calendars) from my Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone.
  2. Bump!

    So.... Still waiting for Live Calendar to work on my Mobile. It would be great if I could enter an appointment to my calendar while I'm on the road and it automatically shows up on the home account, and vice versa. At the moment, I have to use Activesync and the Outlook calendar...
  3. I just got a samsun i730 and windows live is one of the best apps so farm its help me more than any ptoduct for mobibile phones. I am looking forward to mobile 6 from verizon, as soon as you guys release the ROM.

    A;; I can say, the whole reason for getting this phone, is that it supports Microsoft serviices. I just about have them all, I am now a retired IT Director, mainly industrial automation, broadband...and a foew tons of other certifications...I worked for the military for 12 years..18 total at bases. i am a 100% vet, so having microsft support my fav sources...my hats off, its about time...now all I want is real time TV mobile, like mobiletv2, they say it will not work on my phone, well surprise...wworks like a rreal tube...but I know some scultle but tha bill G is working on TV programming as we speak///now way is he going to take stbve jobs lead.


    Richard Parker
  4. Windows Live Calendar is not working for me either on my Windows Mobile devices. There doesn't seem to be a way to get to this info. Live Favorites also do not work yet. Hopefully they are working on it...

    Windows Live Contacts does work though which is nice. Having access to ALL of this info (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Favorites along with Alerts and Reminders) accessible from anywhere with any of my devices will be nice.
  5. holtwm,

    Thanks for pointing out that Live's Calendar and To Do are no longer premium features. I just tried and I can access them with my basic (free) account. I've edited the original post to reflect this.

    However, I can't seem to get the mobile edition of Live Calendar working.  I have a Calendar item on my mobile homepage but when I click it I get a wml page with the message "To activate the Calendar, go to http://calendar.msn.com using your personal computer and sign in with your Windows Live ID."

    My Calendar is active so I don't know what the problem is.
  6. "Yahoo has an overwhelming lead in mobile web based PIM applications with a free Calendar and To Do List which are premium features on Live"

    These are actually free on Live (at least for my account).
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