Sasko Flour’s Award Winning Recipe Site

Sasko Flour HomepageThe I Love Mobile Web Awards were handed out at last month’s Mobile Web Europe Conference in London.  The awards were sponsored by dotMobi and were judged by a panel of industry representatives. I generally agree with the panels choices, many of the winners were sites I’ve review favorably in the past including APNews, MocoSpace, Taptu, Kizoom and Zagat.

One winner that was new to me was Sasko Flour (  It’s a recipe site from South African flour miller Sasko Flour and it took top honors in the Commerce & Retail division of the Awards.

The colorful recipe site, which was designed by the UK’s Vizisoft Networks, is definitely visually striking with it’s bold red color scheme and use of background textures. The site’s content is a bit limited  though, consisting of a mere 22 recipies for breads, deserts and main dishes. Not surprisingly, all the recipes call for Sasko Flour. I’m sure you can use whatever brand of flour happens to be in your pantry.

Interestingly, considering that the contest was sponsored by dotMobi, the Sasko Flour won in spite of only managing a 3 out of 5 (“Fair”) on the test, dotMobi’s automated checker for compliance with mobile best practices.  I think this points up the limitations of automated testing more than actual deficiencies with the site’s usability or  compatibility with a variety of browsers.  Sasko Flour’s page sizes are small and the site seems to work very well on my test phones including ones with the Openwave and Motorola MIB browsers, which are rather picky about markup errors and page weights.

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2 thoughts on “Sasko Flour’s Award Winning Recipe Site

  1. I have recently moved house and my recipe books are in a box which is one of 250 boxes of books. I need the recipe for cheese muffins, the one in your cookery book, which I use all the time, and wondered if it is on your website somewhere. Please let me know the website address so that I can have a look for that recipe. Many thanks.

  2. The site has got very good content.I loved it as a food enthusiast.

    However,I must point out that there are some flaws in style related to link color,background and size of block elements.It did not display quite well on my poor Nokia6020.Furthermore,the site redirects to a .It would have been better if they would have cloaked the entire site with the .mobi.The redirection of a .mobi to some other domain extension does not feel good.

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