Mobile Site Mini Review – @JebBrilliant’s “The Mobile Perspective”

The Mobile Perspective

Formerly aBrilliantBlog, this is @JebBrilliant‘s blog on all things mobile. Jeb is the community manager for and also runs a trade show and events production company.

At The Mobile Perspective, Jeb covers mobile services, VOIP, social networking and devices. Content includes reviews, news and opinion pieces as well as video interviews with industry executives and major players.

Jeb uses WordPress Mobile Pack to deliver a small footprint, quick loading version of the site to all mobile browsers. Unfortunately, the mobile version doesn’t include the site’s many videos. These are mostly interviews with industry executives and developers and are generally quite good.

Fortunately there is a working “Switch to our desktop site” link at the bottom of each mobile page.  The videos on the desktop site are hosted on YouTube and work well on an Android phone. On a Nokia N8, the videos worked when opened from Opera Mini or Opera Mobile, but they did not work in the Symbian browser.

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