How To Hide the Opera Mini 8 Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones

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215 thoughts on “How To Hide the Opera Mini 8 Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones

  1. sir. I have samsung wave y s5380k. I have downloaded opera mini 6.5 from samsungapps but with overlapping letters and images.I complained developers through reply.
    Please suggest me how to solve the problem.
    • Use the Java versions of Opera Mini on this page. They work on Bada phones and don't have the fonts issue. The Bada version of Opera Mini has been broken for over a year and seems to have been abandoned.
  2. I had installed opera mini 8 with your URL.I factory resetted my phone and it shows- "certificate error.chain does not exist".what to do.
    • Try installing Opera Mini 8 again. The signing certificate had expired. I replaced the Opera Mini 8 and 4.5 downloads with fresh copies that have current certificates.
  3. Hi--A few months ago I downloaded both Opera Mini 4.5 and 7.1 for my LG840G from your site (the ones with the virtual keyboard removed). Works great! However, I am trying to do the same for my husband's phone (also an LG840g) and no matter what different method I try, it keeps giving me the message "Authentication Failed" for both versions, though I followed the same steps as I did before. Can you help me? Thx!
    • It looks like the certificates have expired for all the Opera Mini versions I've modified. This is perplexing as certificates are generally valid for a year or more and the Opera Mini 4.5 and 8 files are less than a year old.

      When I get some time I'll try modifying a 8 and 4.5 again but I suspect Opera is deliberately invalidating the certificates to discourage people from downloading Opera Mini from unofficial sources.

      In the meantime you can download Mini from Opera and modifying it yourself following the instructions in the post.
  4. Have been unable to install Opera Mini 8.0 on my LG840G. Have used the JAD file listed here downloaded directly to phone. Have also used the JAD/JAR files from downloaded to a PC and sideloaded by USB to the phone's SD card in the correct folder. Activating either JAD file in the phone get's an "Authorization Failure" error.

    I did install 7.1 successfully many months ago using sideloading.
    • Authorization Failure" errors can occur when installing a signed app if the phone's date and time are incorrect or the phone isn't active on the network. The Opera Mini files on this site are signed.

      The Opera Mini apps on Boostapps are unsigned. You will get an Authorization error if you try to replace a signed version of Opera Mini with an unsigned one. Uninstalling the old signed Opera Mini should allow you to install the unsigned one.
    • Thanks for the tips on installing 8.0, but none seem to apply to my "Authorization Failure" error. Date/time are correct, and there is network access. The 7.1 version already installed (and working) is signed, and came from this source.

      Unsigned Java apps are a problem, and I would not want to install one. I could remove the 7.1 version in hopes it is interfering with the 8.0 installation, but fear not being able to re-install it if things don't work out.
    • Here's something you can try. On Opera Mini 8.0 is available in three signed versions: All Certificates, Thawte and Verisign. The modified Opera Mini 8 on this page is the Verisign one. You could try the Thawte version and if it works modify it to remove the key pad, or let me know and I'll do it.
  5. I have an LG 840G and get "Authentication Failed" errors when trying to download from ANY of the above links. Downloading directly from the Opera mini site works, but I of course get that annoying JAVA keypad. Any suggestions as to my issue?
  6. Thank you for this post. If only I had seen it before I modified the Opera Mini 8 .jar myself, and saved some work - but it is useful to know how to do it. It is great that Opera are still developing Mini for basic Java featurephones. I had come to believe that UC Browser was the only actively supported browser.
  7. why cAnt opera mini 8 for java phoNe work oN my samsung champ GT-3303i, it says "java erRor!". . .
    please reply fast. . what should i do? ? ?
  8. I have a Pantech Renue (P6030), and the modified versions dont work for me. Are there different commands I need to put in the file for it to remove the keypad?
    • This question is for Michael Saddin. Are you saying that you were actually able to get Opera Mini to work on the Pantech Renue? I thought this phone wasn't even capable of using Java apps! Please reply to let me know if you actually got Opera Mini to work at all, and then I will try to modify the file to remove the onscreen keypad! I'm assuming that the only way you got Java apps to work on this phone is to download them through the default browser. Am I right?
    • I found out how to remove the virtual keypad from Opera Mini for the Pantech Renue!

      You have to add this line to the "mini.jad" file:
      ATT-MIDlet-VirtualKeypad-Use: No

      That line worked for me. Opera Mini takes up the whole screen now.

      I used Opera Mini 4.5. This phone doesn't have enough power to run Opera Mini 8.

      Here are some tips:
      1. For this phone, you should NOT download the version that says "All Certificates". You should download the one that only has the "Verisign" certificate. When I downloaded the one with all certificates, it still made me press "Accept" whenever I clicked on a link. But using the one that only has the Verisign certificate is better. It only asked me to press "Accept" twice when I first installed Opera Mini, and then I no longer had to accept each loading page anymore!

      2. You should go into settings and scroll to the bottom. There's a setting called "Protocol". The default setting is "Socket/HTTP" and it makes the pages load too slowly, so I changed it to only use the "HTTP" setting and it made the pages load much faster.

      I hope the author of this website will add this option into his message:
      ATT-MIDlet-VirtualKeypad-Use: No

      Other people who use phones from AT&T should put that option into their "Jad" files when nothing else works.
  9. I have an LG 840G and can't get the keypad to disappear on 7.1 when downloaded from this page, but 4.5 has no keypad. Any toughts?

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