Fortune Magazine’s Hidden Mobile Blogs

CNNMoney's Fortune Section

The prestigious global business magazine Fortune stands proudly on the newsstand, the only brand vissible on its cover is the Fortune name in a large font. Fortune’s iPad app also flies the magazine’s logo big and bold on its start page

It’s different on the Web.  When you type the URL into your browser you are redirected to The logo at the top of the page is that of CNNMoney with the Fortune’s name below it. That kind of makes sense as Fortune, CNN and Money magazine are all part of the Time Warner publishing empire and CNNMoney is Time Warner’s primary online business site. But I’m still surprised that Time Warner subordinates its most respected business brand beneath that of a general news site and a personal finance magazine.

Fortune Tech Blog

In mobile browsers Fortune barely seems to exist and its brand is even more diluted. redirects to, a very plain, mostly text site that looks like it was designed at least six years ago before the iPhone, Android and others changed mobile web publishing forever. There are only nine headlines on the page and no way to see more. There’s a search box but it only seems to find CNNMoney articles, not ones from Fortune.

For a long time I though that the limited mobile page beneath was Forture’s sole web presence on mobiles. Then I followed a deep link on Twitter to a Fortune story and landed on It’s nothing fancy, the mobile template looks like a vanilla copy of the free open source version of BraveNewCode‘s iPhonesque WPtouch plugin. But unlike the main Fortune mobile site, this one contains a  continuous timeline of all Fortune tech articles organized by subject matter tags like Apple, Microsoft, Tablets and Patents.

Fortune Features Blog

I tried and failed to find a similar WPTouch based mobile version of the main Fortune mobile site. The logical URL for it would be but that returns a “Not Found” error. I did find three other Fortune mobile sub-sites, and, which cover finacial news and strategies for managers respectively, and, showcasing selected top stories from Fortune.

The wierd thing about these four Fortune mobile blogs is that they are well hidden from anyone casually browsing the CNNMoney or CNN mobile sites. There are no links on either site to the Fortune blogs. The only way to discover them seems to be by following a link on a Social Media site or in a Google search result.  To make it easier for you to find the blogs I’ve added them to the WapReview Mobile Directory. The tech blog is in Tech/Tech News Sites and Blogs and the other three are filed under Business/News.

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