TmoNews – T-Mobile USA Scoops

TmoNews is a  seven month old news blog covering T-Mobile USA.  The site is updated daily, and is not one of those mobile “news” sites that just regurgitates the latest press leases.  TmoNews does some real investigative reporting, and has scored a number of scoops including being the first with details on T-Mobile’s data price increases that are supposed to go into effect on October 16th, the first information and photos of the Samsung Behold touchscreen phone and first with  official G1 photos and release dates.

TmoNews is a WordPress blog and uses Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition which uses browser detection to automatically show a mobile formatted version of the site to phone browsers.  WordPress Mobile Edition doesn’t resize images, and TmoNews uses a lot of them, so there may be page size issues if you try to use something like a T-Mobile RAZR to view the site. More capable phones and browsers should handle it with ease.


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  1. If the guys were to use the Mippin WordPress Plug In and the Mobilizer tools they could keep the same benefits of presentation and re-direct but not have the image issues as Mippin would re-render them for each individual device.

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