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Twitter LogoOK,  I’m not much of a Twitter user.  I’ve had an account for almost a year and I’ve posted maybe eight tweets.  But I received a request from a reader to tweet when I publish a new post and found an Alex King WordPress plugin called Twitter Tools that promises to do just that.  So beginning with this one I’ll be automagically tweeting with every post. Maybe this will spur me to use the service a little more, or maybe not. I think the main reason I don’t use Twitter is fear of becoming addicted to it to the point of getting even less done than I do already

My Twitter ID is yeswap so follow that if you want to receive a tweet when I post something – about once a day on the average.  If you don’t use Twitter, other Wap Review subscription options include RSS and the FeedBurner Subscribe to Wap Review by Email service.

One thought on “Follow Yeswap on Twitter for Wap Review Updates

  1. Automagicaly! And, perhaps, with the financial trouble tweet is in that will soon be the only way. Btw, my reply to your email I thought would be added to the comment thread but I didn’t understand the protocol. And, did you notice with om 4.2 beta that because of the server change, ones feeds aren’t carried over and, in fact they’ve changed the servers for all oms’ so that the only way to get them back is to go to ‘config:’!? Off topic, sorry.

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