Switch Browser App – Adds an “Open With” Menu to All Android Browsers

Switch Browser Option in Android Share Menu Switch Browser App's  Open With Menu

When you are developing mobile web apps it’s important to test in as many browsers as possible. There are lots of Android browsers and I have most of them installed on my phone for testing purposes. I just discovered a great little Android app that makes cross browser testing a little easier.

It’s  Switch Browser by Vimperator and it adds an option of the same name to the Share menu of every Android browser that’s installed on your phone or tablet. To use it, just go to your current browser’s share menu and tap Switch Browser to bring up a list of all your installed browsers.  Tap a browser’s name to open the current page in it.

It’s a brilliant app and is available for free in the Play Store. It’s also ad free and requires no permissions to run.

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