3 thoughts on “Opera Releases New Opera Mini 4.5 For Feature Phones.

  1. Sites give you upgrade brewsor messages when using a mobile brewsor because they are badly designed and expect everyone to be using a PC with IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Nothing you can do about that except complain to the site's support email if they even have one.You can't install or upgrade certificates on non-smartphones like the Banter.As far as I know, the LG Banter Touch for MetroPCS supports installing Java apps like Opera Mini. So you can't install Opera Mini or any other brewsor unless there's one offered through Metro's apps store.Although the Banter Touch's brewsor supports some JavaScript you will get turn on JavaScript messages because it doesn't support the particalar JavaScript dunction the site is trying to use.Basic phones like the Banter Touch will have trouble browsing most sites designed for PCs and many designed for Android and iPhones. Stick with sites made for mobile. There are over 2000 listed in the
  2. Its A Buggy Version , Its not Installing in my Samsung champ deluxe , it says network Error But Uc browser Is working fine.

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