NASCAR Mobile ImageThe NASCAR season is almost over but I just found these sites and wanted to share the discovery. NASCAR is the most popular US auto racing series. To European (and many American) motorsports fans it’s a bit weird. Billed as stock car racing, the cars are anything but stock. They look like typical US 2 door mid size cars from a distance but really consist of a handmade tubular chassis, with a full roll cage to protect the drivers, covered by thin fiberglass body. Engines are loosely based on a stock V8 block. Trim details including bumpers and headlights are actually just painted on! The races, which are run mainly on oval tracks as well as a few road courses, are actually quite exciting to watch with cars running extremely close together at speeds exceeding 200 mph and frequent contact. There’s a lot of passing and the lead changes frequently to keep the crowd cheering and on their feet. To Go is available on the Cingular and Nextel carrier decks or:

Nextel Cup Chase is on Sprint and Nextel and at: Chase Image

These two sites seem to be accessible from any provider. If you don’t want to type in those long URLs, I’ve put them on the mobile portal. Follow the links to Sports/Motorsports from the front page. Of the two, is the more detailed with results, standings, live updates from the races and driver interviews. Nextel Chase has pre and post race stories, interviews and a listing of driver personal appearances.

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More about NASCAR:

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