Can’t Download Opera Mini? Here’s Some Help

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This is the fifth in a series of Opera Mini Tips and Tricks posts.  This one covers the situation where you get an error trying to download Opera Mini.  The Opera developers have gone to a lot of trouble to make Mini a generic Java ME application that will work on as many phones as possible.  Most of the time installing Opera Mini is simply a matter of visiting with your phone’s built-in browser, clicking the download link and following the prompts.  Unfortunately, with some phones and/or mobile operators it doesn’t work and you will get an error.  Occasionally the problem is that Opera Mini is simply not compatible with the handset but often their are workarounds.

So you got an error downloading what can you do?

First try again, there may be temporary network or server issues that are preventing the download from completing.  If retrying didn’t work, what’s the error?

  • If it’s “media not supported”  “Forbidden”, “Content not Supported”, “This file cannot be viewed on the device”
    • Are you using an iDEN phone (Motorola i465, i680, etc.)? These phones do not support over the air downloads.  If you are in the US and your phone is on Nextel or Boost Mobile, use to send Opera Mini directly to your phone.  SouthernLINC, Telus Mike and non-US iDEN operators customers can use a cable and the iDEN JAL loader to transfer Opera Mini to their phone.
  • The error is “Missing IBM Java VM Please ensure that IBM’s WebSphere Micro Environment Java VM is installed.” This error occurs on Palm OS devices if you haven’t installed the Java JVM. To fix,  download the JVM from (mirror). The download is zip file. Extract it on your PC and HotSync J9JavaVMMidp20.prc, j9pref.prc, JavaVMCheck_enEN.prc, fileconnect.prc, pimop.prc and PIMPrefs.prc to your Palm, then download the Opera Mini .prc file from and HotSync it. Before launching Opera Mini for the first time go to Prefs on the Palm, scroll down to Other,  choose IBM Java VMand set the following:
    • Memory Maximum: 4-32 MB (32MB seems to work for most models but if you get crashes try lowering it).
    • Maximum Java Thread Stack Size: 32 Kb.
    • Check “Use Double Buffering
    • On Hi-Res devices (All Palm OS 5 devices except the Treo 600), check ‘Use high resolution coordinates‘.
  • If the download succeeded but you get “Failed to connect…” when you run Opera Mini see, Solving Opera Mini Connection Problems.
  • “901” or “Insufficient Memory” – try removing your phone’s battery for a minute or two then replacing it and restarting for a clean boot.  It you still get the error try a lower memory version of Opera Mini.  Both 3.1 versions use less memory than 4.2 with the 3.1 low memory version using the least.
  • 905″, “attributes mismatch“, “908” or “Incompatible Configuration or Profile” – Usually means that your are trying to install a MIDP2 version on a phone that only supports  MIDP1. This won’t happen if you are downloading from and you phone model is detected.  If Opera doesn’t detect your phone,  You can find the MIDP1 (labeled as “basic”) versions at
  • “904”,  “JAR size mismatch”, “905″, “Attribute mismatch“, “Content size mismatch”, “906” and “Invalid Descriptor Attribute Format” all indicate that the phone thinks there is something wrong with the Java Application Description (JAD) file.  This error is rare with Opera Mini but often occurs when installing applications from other vendors whose developers are sloppy.  It also occurs with some Sprint LG phones that have a bug which prevents them from recognizing certain valid JAD constructs.  The workaround in all cases is to use a third party OTA installer which recreates the JAD file in a generic format.  Rumkin works well with US carriers especially Sprint.
  • 903″ ,  “network timeout“, “907″ or “server error” – These errors indicate network problems which are often temporary. Try again later
  • 909″,  “Application Authentication failure” , “910″ or “Application authorization failure” – Your phone doesn’t like Opera Mini’s certificate.  If you are on Sprint or are using a BlackBerry you must use the unsigned versions, otherwise try the other signed versions first with the unsigned as a last resort. For a description of the various Opera Mini versions and where to find them see the “How do you install Opera Mini?” section in the first Opera Mini Tips and Tricks post.

Good luck and share your successes and any Opera Mini tricks you have discovered by leaving a comment.

266 thoughts on “Can’t Download Opera Mini? Here’s Some Help

  1. pleas ohhh .since the day i bouth this phone i have try many website to download games and application .but it still tell me not supported file and download jar file are invalid .please i have try many things u said we should do including removing of battery from phone .pleas what can i do again pleas am fed up with this phone .ana solution?.

  2. I have samsung gte-2222 .For last one year my phone dosen’t support any games or apps. And now I’m facing another problem. The display’s color changed the pics and back ground ar like nagative please solve it..

  3. i use android mobile in nepal south asia. before opera was working very nice but since two weeks it is not working. it says com.anroid vending stopped working. what does it mean. is there any solution for this problem.

    • vendor is the Android Play Store. Somehow it must have gotten corrupted. To fix it go Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and tap:
      Clear cache
      Clear data
      Uninstall updates
      After doing this launch the Play Store and accept the terms and conditions and the error should be gone.

  4. I’m Using the samsung gt2222, i have tried downloading all the posted #opera mini and yet it still refuses and displays “Jar are invalid”, “Invalid java descriptor” or “Uknown file format”. I have even used the code “*#52828378#” yet nothing is working.
    Pls Admin. help me.

  5. am using samsung chat 222… whenever i download opera mini it will download alright but after the downloading it will be cancelling itself automaically …

  6. Pliz help me I want to download opera in my Lumia 520 its saying windows phone doesn’t support it isn’t there another way.At first was my Nokia E5&gave it away.

  7. Pls help me. Whenever i try to download it displays “Downloaded jar are invalid” and if i try jad format,it displays “invalid java descriptor” and other formats like Zip,apk..etc,it display “Unsupported file format”.

  8. after download singed operamini when it saving. it is cancelled and appear authentication failed

  9. I am trying to save some documents from internet opera mini is failing to restore the items

    • Do you mean saved pages? If pages that you saved are missing it’s probably because your Opera Mini installation got corrupted. Try reinstalling Opera Mini and re-saving the pages.

  10. my phon e2222 cant download games

  11. I want to upload a file but its automatically stopped after 60 kb! i m using the opera mini 4.5 brgwjer plz help me!

    • Opera Mini has problems uploading and downloading files with some network operators and phones. There’s no known fix. If the upload fails consistently use a different browser for uploading, UC Browser or your phone’s built-in browser.

  12. I m using samsung c3222 i jst downloaded opera mini 4.5 but it dnt download any thing only save option pop up wen i click on download link of any song , no open option
    and den download fails even before starting it dnt save even 1kb

  13. can you kelp me? when i download opera or any apps for samsung chat 222.Than it says “download failled
    downloaded jar invalid”. Tell me what i do?. My email address is [removed]

    • That’s a very common problem with chat 222. I think it’s a bug with the phone. I saw someone on the web claiming that copying the jad and jar to the phone’s memory card and launching either of them from the card works. Try it and let us all know.

      If the phone’s still under warranty return it and get a different model phone. LG and Nokia’s never seem to have that sort of problem, only low-end Samsungs.

  14. Ican’t download on samsung chat 222 after upgrading the firmware.Pls,what should i do to reslove it?

  15. ^Hi!
    I’m Raymond Rivera= A Samsung Chat 222 E2222 User! *#
    I downloaded jar applications at first and they were Partly not all were working#
    But after I Master Reset my Samsung Chat 222 E2222 It shows “Dowloaded jar are inalid For all The Applications”
    >What should I do Dear Friends Coz It Hard For Me to Stay Without Some Useful Applications!!!

    • A master reset should not have any effect on downloading and installing games and apps. Are you sure the apps that are failing are exactly the same omes from the same sources that worked before? If you are try redoing the master reset as it may have failed to complete.

  16. Am considering getting the LG840G.

    I would like to install Opera Mini (4.4 or 7.1 ??) but more easily than previous effort on the 420G.

    I still have the jar and jad file for OM 4.4 on my PC.
    Would I just transfer it over to an 840G by way of Bluetooth (via the “send” option after right clicking on these files)?

    Could I just transfer the files over to the 840G from the 420G by way of a Bluetooth option without losing the files on the 420G?

    If I did want to try OM 7.1 (I have read that it runs slowly on the 840G), would I simply download the jar and jad files from the Opera mobile browser website to my PC and then send them via Bluetooth to the 840G? (I can’t recall why I had to use 7Zip and do modifications to the file when I originally loaded them on the 420G – was it because that phone wasn’t able to handle java files whereas the 840g is?)

    (If this project proceeds, and I do get an 840G and load 7.1 on it, then I will have to research how to remove the virtual keypad and find out what replaces it for navigation.)

  17. i cnt download a browser on my 4n its a samsung chat e2222 coz it tries to download and after it finishing it says its has failed coz the jar is invalid and i hv tried it for many browsers!

    • The browsers you are trying to download are probably too large for you phone. Try a browser with a small jar size like Opera Mini 3.1, 4.1 0r 4.4 or UC Browser 7.2 Lite.

  18. Yahoo what is going on the net?All the operamini for phones can longer save a page. Blessings Zulu.

    • Saving pages is a local operation. It has nothing to do with Yahoo or the net. You probably don’t have any free space on the phone. Delete a gam, ringtone or some picture messages and try again.

  19. hey dennis….i have uninstalled opera mini mistakenly without having any backup of saved pages….now what to do to retrieve all those pages….is there any way….i downloaded opera mobile…..i want all my saved pages back..thanks

    • I’m pretty sure deleting Opera Mini deletes the saved pages. But if your phone lets you search the file system, search for *.obml as .obml is the extension Opera uses for saved pages.

      If you find the .obml files you might be able to restore them using the following method that was posted on the Opera Mini forum:
      1. Install the same version of Opera Mini (not Opera Mobile) and save a new page in Opera Mini
      2. Locate the Saved Pages folder that Opera created
      3. Note down or copy the filename of the saved page.
      4. Go into the folder where your old saved pages are and rename one of the files to the name you just copied.
      5. Move the old file with the new name into Opera Mini’s Saved Pages folder. You’ll get a message informing you that a file with that name already exists, and it’ll ask if you’d like to replace it.
      Select Yes.
      Opera Mini should now read that file and be able to open it.
      You’ll have to do that for each saved page.

      This solution is for the Symbian version of Opera Mini 6 but I suspect it still works for the current versions on other platforms that let you manipulate files on the device (Symbian, Android some Java but not iOS)

  20. i cant download anything in my phone chat222, they are just the same thing Downloaded files fail i dont no why. please i need a solution.

  21. i cant download a bit due to the eroor of failing smsung chat222 doesnt download nor a single app or song..pkls see a way for it…

  22. I am using opera mini handler. but it don’t download file containing up to 100 M B.

  23. Denis thankyou for the concern bt i use a samsung chat 222 it says that the downloaded jar are invalid. i have also used a PC and tried to transfer the apps into my 4n bt while installing, it says downloaded jar invalid. i have also been tld to do a software update how do i do it personally. someone plz help me

    • If the phone reports that the jar is invalid I don’t thing there’s anything you can do to fix that. The app is either corrupted or too large for your phone or uses a Java feature that your phone doesn’t support. Try small simple apps like Opera Mini 3.1 or 4.4, one of them should work.

  24. plz…am havin’ sum problems wid ma samsung chat gt-e2222. everytime i download ajava app, it says download failed,jar invalid…can u help me plz…am frm ghana

    • No idea really but that’s the way Java apps are. Fewer than one in three seem to work for me on any given phone. Keep trying and you will eventually find some that work.

  25. i cant download any apps with my samsung chat 222. the only that seems to work are pornographic videos and mp3.. it also shows me an ‘insufficient memory error message. any solution plz

  26. As a follow up to my previous posted comment, I neglected to say that the Tracfone carrier is T-Mobile, which I later learned on the “Mini Tips and Tricks” link has made their sets incompatible with the mini Opera browser. No work around this obstacle while using this cell phone other than using the limited mobile browser that came with the phone?

    • reply to … Bournique’s post …

      Thanks for the link.

      As a beginner, I wasn’t able to follow the specifics as
      explained on the Howard Forum post you referred to.
      Should Winrar be downloaded from the LG420 and if so,
      how? I entered the URL for and waited for awhile
      and all I saw was a blank screen on my phone. I assumed
      that Winrar is used to open the .Jar file, but where do
      I find THAT file assuming I can download the Winrar file?
      (AND … is the opening and downloading of files done on a computer, not on the cellphone, and if so, where do I find the .JAR file on my computer? Under File/Open/My Computer/files of type …
      I do not see anything listed as JAR files.)

      I assume that Winrar is to be downloaded to my computer first, allowing the >JAR file to be opened and the META-INF folder located, then right-clicked to get to an extraction option, from which editing of two lines is then done.

      The post refers to saving the file and “putting it back where you found it.” Would the location be the original path at which the .JAR file was found? The final instruction refers to uploading the .JAD and .JAR to the phone and select install on the .JAR FILE.

      LGForum posts describe that since the LG420 doesn’t have an SD Card that it can’t be interfaced with a computer, but that might refer to sending data FROM the phone TO the computer vs the reverse. I do have a micro USB cord to connect my phone to the computer, and I assume that data can be sent FROM the computer to the phone. Since the post on this board showed Opera Mini on the LG420, it appears that it can be done. I just wish that the instructions to do so were written in a clearer and more specific step by step manner for beginners.

      Thanks for your patience, but the Howard Forum instructions are not meant for a beginner.

    • That Howard Forum’s post isn’t very clear. Modifying jar files is not an easy task for someone new to PCs or phone tweaking. Let me try to rephrase it:
      1. Winrar is a PC program.
      2. jar files are actually zip files internally so any program that can open zip files like WinZip, 7-Zip or Winrar can be used to modify jars. I use 7-Zip ( so I’ll refer to it, but the process should be similar with any zip file manger program.
      3. Start 7-Zip and use it to open the jar.
      4. In 7-Zip click the META-INF folder to open it and then right-click MANIFEST.MF and chose Edit if it’s available or else choose Extract and open the extracted file with WordPad or another editor.
      5. Using the editor add the 2 lines
      Author: TracFone
      TracFone-price: 0.0
      to the end of MANIFEST-MF
      6. Save MANIFEST-MF and close the editor
      7. If you used 7-Zip’s built-in editor it will prompt you if you want to replace the copy of MANIFEST-MF in the archive with your modified version, say Yes. If you used an external editor, use Windows Explorer to drag the modified MANIFEST-MF into the the open META-INF folder in the 7-Zip window.
      8. Close 7-Zip
      9. Here’s where things start to get murky in K-L-M’s instructions. I’m pretty sure the only way to install apps on the LG 420G is over the air. You can try using a cable or Bluetooth to send the jar to the phone but I’m pretty sure it won’t work. I believe that you need to put the jar somewhere on the Internet so that you can download and install it using the phone’s browser. The easiest way to do that is with a free Dropbox ( ) account. Upload the .jar to your Dropbox.
      10. Go to with the phone browser and download the modified .jar

      It sounds complicated and it is. If you try it let me know if it works.

    • The time you spent clarifying the procedure is
      greatly appreciated. You did an A+ job of providing
      clear, specific, and well-outlined instructions.

      Now, I need to take the time to digest everything
      you outlined.

      (I quickly read through your content but wanted to
      first thank you for your efforts.) and see if the
      procedure is do-able on my end given the age of my
      computer and my expertise.

      I may ask for some additional help as needed.
      By the way, was I correct in stating that the micro
      USB cord from my recharger outlet on the LG420G to
      my USB jack in my computer would allow me to transfer
      data FROM the computer to the phone (assuming
      compatability of program languages)? The LG Forum posts
      indicated that pictures cannot be sent FROM the phone
      to the computer due to the lack of some sort of program in
      the phone software that allows that.

    • First question,

      As you listed in step 3 …
      “3. Start 7-Zip and use it to open the jar.”

      What jar am I opening since it refers to zip files
      in general? Which specific file am I looking for to
      apply the 7-Zip to? (Sorry for what may appear as
      high ignorance here, but I don’t understand
      to what file the jar refers.)

      (Which of the zip file openers, such as
      WinZip, 7-Zip or Winrar, are the smallest,
      and recommended in your openion?)

    • Use 7-Zip to open the opera mini jar file you want to modify, which you can downloaded to your PC from Currently that would be opera-mini-4.4.28684-advanced-en-us.jar

      I recommend 7-Zip because it’s free, open source and at least the last time I installed it didn’t contain any unnecessary add-ons like browser tool bars or Adobe Reader.

      Winzip and WinRar are shareware that nag you to upgrade to a paid version every time you run them.

      I don’t know which zip archiver program is the smallest but I suspect 7-Zip is. None are very big as PC software goes.

    • Thanks for the specific link and the jar to look for after the download is completed from the Opera site. To locate the jar file opera-mini-4.4.28684-advanced-en-us.jar, do I have to use the same procedure to find files on a disk drive by specifying the file or is there some simpler way?

      Due to the age and limitations of my computer (IE 6.0, Celeron, XP SP2), I will have to be creative with going about this project.

      I did read that 7-Zip and dropbox are among the best. In my case, I will have to find a replacement for dropbox given the system requirement for at least a pentium II chip. I’m thinking that using a flashdrive hooked up to a library computer with more advanced technology might allow me to proceed successfully.

      I am just trying to think through how I proceed, maybe downloading the file you specified to a flash drive (if
      that’s possible) on the library’s computer, open the jar
      file when found, and then after having downloaded the
      online storage program on the flashdrive, uploading the file,
      after which point I could then use my slower computer to
      proceed with ultimately downloading the program to my
      cell phone. There may be some impracticalities in the
      procedure I have listed here. I’d rather use simpler
      programs such as the ones you mentioned. I am still searching
      for an even simpler online free storage program.

      The last step would be to “enlist” a friend to perform the
      surgery on a more capable computer.

    • 7-Zip has an interface similar to Windows Explorer that lets you browse to the folder where you saved the .jar file and double click its file name to open it.

      You don’t have to install the Dropbox app on you PC to use Dropbox. Dropbox has a website that lets you upload files from your computer to your personal dropbox storage area on the Web.

    • Do you mean that all I have to do is first create an account
      with Dropbox and by doing so, I do not have to download the
      app to my PC to upload the file? Once registered, I simply log
      in, and then right click on the .jar file to yield some
      menu option that asks me which URL to send the file to?

      I also learned that another option is for me to upload/send
      the .jar file to my email address which somehow (??) would
      be displayed as an attachment within the email. I could then access by email address from my cellphone. I have never opened up my email from my cellphone and do not know whether it has the capability of identifying that there is an attachment within the email.

      Your method, assuming, all I have to do is register with dropbox, sounds the easiest to execute successfully.

      I assume that there is a space after the colon symbol in the
      two lines to be edited. It’s hard to read from the posted
      display whether there is a space before the next letter. Looks
      like it, just confirming I use the correct spacing.

    • You do need to download the jar file to a PC. The process is:
      Download the jar file to a PC.
      Open the jar file with 7-Zip and modify MANIFEST.MF.
      Upload the modified jar to Dropbox.
      Download the jar from Dropbox using the phone’s browser which will hopefully cause it to be installed successfully.

      I don’t think that emailing the file to the phone would work.

      There is a space following the colon.

    • Thanks for the continued research on your end.

      I did look at the post by KLM referring to the bluetooth
      uploading method (something my older laptop cannot do), and
      noticed the KB size displayed for Opera 5 (4 and 3 were listed
      in the versions view but not having been selected did not
      have their KB size displayed), which was 529 KB.

      My LG420G’s SIM card memory is displayed as having a total of 174 KB, with only 2 KB in use, leaving 172 KB.
      The “phone common” total size is 9.8 MB and due to the number
      of pictures I have stored in memory, has a free space of 1.8

      Did KLM store the Opera Mini browser in the Phone Common
      memory? If not, how was he able to put the 529 KB sized
      Opera Mini in his Sim Card memory which has a smaller space?

      (The KLM post was interesting for its referencing to the use
      the * and # buttons to display different menu shortcuts.)

    • If your laptop has a USB port and is running Windows XP or latter you can get a USB Bluetooth adapter for it for a couple of dollars on

      Apps are always installed in phone common memory.

    • In response to your comment about Dropbox …
      “You don’t have to install the Dropbox app on you PC to use Dropbox. Dropbox has a website that lets you upload files from your computer to your personal dropbox storage area on the

      I went to the dropbox website and created an account, and upon
      doing so, Dropbox informed me that a download of its installation file would begin immediately (there were three
      different step by step prompt boxes displayed referring to
      the installation process. Application would be about 12 MB.)

      How do I access Dropbox and use its service WITHOUT installing
      the program on my computer?

    • That makes sense! I did click on the “upload” icon, and
      after clicking on the “choose a file” button in the “basic
      uploader” box on the left side of the page, there was no
      change in the appearance of the page.
      What am I missing here? Evidently, dropbox needs to know
      which file to upload. Never having used this before, I don’t
      know what the steps are between “modifying the MANIFEST.MF,
      and uploading the modified jar file.” Once the file is
      modified, how do I make dropbox aware of the file to be
      uploaded since clicking on “choose a file,” resulted in no
      change? (I have yet to download 7-zip and operamini.)

      Before I did this, I explored clouddrive on Amazon, and
      when I used my Tracfone browser to open up the URL, it said, “insufficient memory.”
      I thought the amazon web page would be too large.
      I assume that the m.dropbox is a smaller file which the
      phone’s current browser can handle.

      Did you have any comments regarding KLM’s displayed
      KB size of Opera Mini 5 and the remark I made about the
      memory space in my phone?

      (PS … thanks for making me aware of the bluetooth adapter
      for the USB jack, which my PC does have.)

    • When you click “Choose a file” a pop up file browser should appear. If it doesn’t make sure popups aren’t disabled

      As I replied to your other comment, applications get installed in phone memory not SIM memory so you have enough room.

    • You recommended downloaded Opera Mini 4.4.
      Why wouldn’t you recommend the latest, 6.5 version?

      (Too large and/or inefficient for the LG420G?)

    • Am on opera mini 4.4 download link, clicked on
      “view download link,” and although the “hourglass”
      processing icon is still displayed after several minutes,
      I see two files which are to be “transferred to your
      device.” They refer to the “opera-mini-latest-advanced-
      en-us.jad” and the same ending in .jar.”

      In a previous message you made, you referred to downloading
      Based on what I see on the Opera download page for 4.4,
      should I download both files? The .jar file is listed as
      a sub-file of the .jad file (listed on top of it)?

      Yes, regarding the popup blocker, I did see in the “tools”
      drop down box, that popups are blocked and I evidently
      need to enter the URL of the dropbox site to allow the
      popup you referred to.

    • Installed 7-zip successfully, and the download of
      the .jar file for opera-mini 4.4 was 134kb.

      When I looked a the program files in C/Program, I didn’t
      see it in any folders or subfolders, yet when I did a
      “search” for the file name, my computer located it in the
      path (C:\Program Files). I wonder why it is not showing
      up as a folder. Wonder if I needed to download any larger
      file from Opera Mini.

      Will continue with this project either tonight or tomorrow,
      as the next step will be to use 7-zip to open the file,
      and then edit the two lines, upload to dropbox, and then

    • My oversight on the re-asking for the size issue.
      Knowing that the Phone Common memory is used for
      applications is reassuring.
      I realized that the file I referred to is not going
      to be listed as a program file within the C Explorer
      listing for obvious reasons.

      I opened up 7-Zip and explored it – did not see the
      META-INF folder and also would not know where to find
      MANIFEST.MF file. How do I locate these?

      Through exploration, I did find among the various program
      files, one for Opera Mini at a size of “137 635.”

      I have almost finished this project, just need a little
      push past the finish line!

    • Found the META-INF folder and clicked on the extract
      button for the MANIFEST.MF file. Copied it to the
      C:\ProgramFiles\ path and I guess I use WordPad or
      NotePad to edit the two lines once I find the file.
      Almost there!

    • Current obstacle – even though I turned off
      the “popup blocker,” after “choosing a file”
      from the uploading page for Dropbox,
      no files appeared.

      After adding the two edited lines in the MANIFEST.MF
      page, I “saved as” the file with the same name and path,
      and also “saved” the file.

      So, at this point, I need to find how I can display
      files from my computer on that uploading page for Dropbox,
      or find some other online storage to put this file, and
      for the storage to be a site that the current tracfone
      browser can access, the simpler the better.

      It seems that I am only two steps away from completing this

    • An option I thought of was to send the file to a friend’s
      email since the person most likely has a browser more
      recent than IE 6 which Dropbox might display the file
      to upload.

      When I locate the file in start/search/files and folders/
      opera-mini, and right click on the displayed jar file (ending
      in -us), I see that among the various options when “7-Zip”
      is selected are two various ways to email the file – one
      says “compress and email,” the other says the same thing but
      ends the file name with “.7z”

      Can I assume that the second email option would email the file
      in a way that the receiver wouldn’t have to install the 7-Zip
      program to have the file already be compressed, so if they
      were to upload the file, it would be in a form readable by
      the Tracfone browser for downloading in the appropriate size?
      Or would the first option, the “compress and email” be
      sufficient for the uploading and downloading process?

      If I can’t find a solution to use Dropbox on my PC, I think
      this solution might work. I might even try sending the file
      to myself, using a PC with a newer browser at the library,
      perhaps putting the file on a flash drive, and seeing if
      I could have the online web page of Dropbox pull the file
      from the flashdrive (since the libary doesn’t allow files to be put on the C drive of the computer. Just brainstorming here. Don’t know if any of this makes sense.

      When I right-clicked on the file name, one of the options
      was “copy.” When I clicked on “copy,” no copy was made.
      To get a second copy, I suppose I could just duplicate the
      process of downloading this opera mini file again and
      simply renaming it to create a distinct file, which
      would only alter the name of the file not the content,
      not affecting Tracfone to receive the file as a valid

      (Using bluetooth was suggested, and from what I read,
      the right driver may be needed and since this laptop is
      old, I am not sure that it is capable of that though there
      are two USB ports.)

    • Uploaded the opera mini file to dropbox
      by using IE 7. Cellphone’s response to
      attempting to access was
      “insufficient memory.”

      Makes sense since the LG420G Tracfone is
      still using the Tracfone browser not
      opera mini.

      Will attempt download of file by way of

    • Thanks for the method for verifying changes
      to the MANIFEST.MF. I made the corrections
      to the file which did not list the two
      additional edited lines.

      Two items of interest, I checked out this list
      of phones for opera mini on its website and
      didn’t see the LG420G !!

      (Do the edited lines create a compatability?)

      And, on the wikipedia site, I learned that
      OM 3 Advanced and more recent encrypt transmitted
      information, whereas the Basic 3 version does not.

      From what I read, there is little difference in size,
      relatively, between the 3.0, 3.1 and 4.4. I did download
      the Basic 3, but do not see it anywhere on my computer!
      (I did a search for “Opera Mini” files and it was not
      listed, only the files I loaded for OM 4.)

    • “Two items of interest, I checked out this list
      of phones for opera mini on its website and
      didn’t see the LG420G !!

      (Do the edited lines create a compatability?)’

      The LG 420G is not listed on the Opera site because either:
      Opera hasn’t tested it
      Opera tested it and it didn’t work

      The two lines you added to MANIFEST-MF are supposed to make it compatible according to KLM and others.

    • Although I could not find the downloaded
      OM Basic 3, I did find the Advanced 3 that I

      When I selected the jar file within the 7-Zip
      Manager, and then clicked the “Extract” button,
      a window opened saying that it could not
      open this .jar file as an archive.

      I do have a valid OM 4.4 with the correctly
      edited final two lines in the MANIFEST.MF, so
      hopefully this will work assuming the bluetooth
      transfer is successful.

    • I did not download the jad file to my computer,
      just the jar file.

      Is it possible that the “critical information
      missing from the application file” may be related
      to the jad file not being present?

      KLM did instruct to download BOTH files, but you
      stated that the jad file is just a description
      file, not an application file.

      I don’t know why the phone wouldn’t recognize that
      the two last edited lines are, in fact, present.

    • Thank you SO SO much!!!

      The “f” in “Tracfone” was not capitalized
      in the edited lines in the MANIFEST.MF
      and after I made the change, deleted the originally
      loaded file, reinstalled, the LG420G took the
      file, went through the installation process,
      and led me to the “acceptance” page which also
      included many screens of instruction.

      Since I was over at my friend’s place, I didn’t want to
      waste his time, and thought I could get the same
      information online using my computer. After clicking on
      “accept,” what looked like a home page for opera, including
      a URL link, google search box (I think), and a menu drop down
      column of options was displayed. I logged off and thanked my
      friend for his patience. 100x thank you to you for your
      patience and guidance.

      I’d like to repay you with some knowledge I have in another
      field and if you are interested, I can share some knowledge
      of that with you if you are interested! (The subjects are
      finance and nutrition/cooking!) Let me know and I will let
      you know how you can send me a private message from another
      message board.

      For the time being, I have left this file in the part of
      Tracfone which says “Other Files,” not “applications” as
      you suggested. Is there any advantage of putting this
      program in the “applications?” To do that, I suppose I
      choose the pathway of selecting “other files,” highlighting
      Opera Mini, clicking “options,” then “move.”

      This file and the installation just reduced the memory size
      by .6MB, much less than I anticipated. For some reason, the
      JAVA memory stat moved from 520 KB to 864 KB.

      I am thinking of buying a bluetooth adaptor for my laptop,
      which is an old IBM Thinkpad 1121 (no bluetooth builtin or
      software). Bluetooth adaptors I have seen online seem to
      include the hardware only. When I checked with my local
      tech store, they said they had a bluetooth adaptor which
      comes with a CD-ROM for the driver software. I think I’d need

      Now, that I know a jar file can be downloaded to my cellphone
      using bluetooth, I see the benefit of downloading some other
      applications and/or games of benefit and value.

      I appreciate deeply the generosity of time and patience you
      have extended in helping me get through this project.

    • Been exploring the newly installed OM on my LG.

      Seems like when the file was installed,
      it put itself already into the “Application”
      folder (next to “Games”)

      (I had clicked on OM in the “Other Files” icon
      and was asked if I wanted to overwrite the
      preexisting file when I selected launch.
      That’s when I looked into the “Application”
      folder to see if it was already there.)

      Clicking “move” from within the “Other Files” folder
      didn’t prompt me for anything so I left it alone.

      When I explored “Applications,” I saw the big “O”
      icon for OM and was able to open it up without
      needing to get online. I wanted to check what the settings
      were. I read about the benefit for the
      socket vs. HTTP setting and privacy settings (which
      might only be for version 5 since the reference on
      another website referred to a “privacy manager”
      existing only for OM 5). Doesn’t look like there is a
      privacy setting for OM 4.4 other than using the password setting option when using the LG phone.

      The connection setting was set as
      “Socket/HTTP.” Maybe that means that OM chooses
      whatever setting is best.

      Under bookmarks, OM has already included about 10 or
      so sites, ranging from Amazon to Google Plus to weather.
      Clicking on the shortcuts option within the menu/tools/help
      displayed many shortcut key strokes to do commands.

      I am just grateful to have such a browser on this phone.
      The two top search boxes on the home pageare for a specific HTTP URL entry and a separate search box for Google. I can see that it will take me time to explore using this browser on the phone.

    • Exploring the “Power Users Setting” blog got me thinking …
      is there an accompanying antivirus program appropriate for
      the Opera Mini 4.4 app? Does this browser need an AV program? (I suspect the Opera is a safer browser to use than IE).
      I normally don’t go opening up “risky” URL’s, but I remembered that the rule of thumb is that an AV program should be used with browsers. With my attention on getting Opera Mini installed, I lost sight of the protection piece of this project. (I wonder with the tracfone browser that came with the phone, if there is some built in AV protection for its browser, since it does allow for limited net surfing.)

  27. Am trying to install Opera Mini on my LG420G Tracfone (SIM Card free space 172 KB, JAVA 520 KB, Phone Common free space 1.8 MB of 9.8 MB total space).

    Clicked on “other download options,” and clicked on mini opera 3.2″ (specified for low memory) after the inital clicking of opera mini 4.4 (there was no 4.3 displayed as an option) resulted in “information is missing from the application.” With 3.2, I got further as a timing installation bar was displayed, but after a few seconds, the same display appeared – “information is missing from the application.”

    What do I need to do to get some version of opera mini installed on this tracfone? (this model doesn’t have a separate and/or removable memory card, but does have a built in “mobile browser” (from which I was at least able to get to the opera website for the mini options.


    • Looks like I will try uploading the jar file
      via bluetooth from a friend’s computer.

      I am concerned whether the MANIFEST.MF was
      “put back” into the jar file as KLM
      instructed in his post, stating …
      “Now, save the file and place it back inside the .JAR file under the META-INF folder where it came from.”
      All I did was “save” the file as well as keeping the
      path (C:\Program File) the same for the “save as” secondary save.

      If the bluetooth upload takes place and the prompt
      for an installation doesn’t take place followed by
      a prompt for a URL, I know the save did not take
      place properly.

    • It’s easy to tell if you did it right or not.
      Start 7-Zip
      Use 7-Zip to open the jar
      Inside 7-Zip’s main window, double click META-INF
      Right click MANIFEST.MF and choose “Edit”
      Are the lines you added there? If they are every thing’s OK. Close the editor and close 7-Zip, you’ve done it right. The jar is ready to send to the phone

      If the added lines aren’t there:
      Using the editor (it will probably be Notepad or Wordpad, either will work) add the necessary lines
      In the editor choose File > Save (not Save As)
      Close the editor, You should get a prompt saying ‘File “MANIFEST.MF” was modified. Do you want to update the archive?’ with OK and Cancel choices. Click OK.
      Close 7-Zip, you are finished. The jar is ready to send to the phone.

    • Seems like I am 99% finished!

      I was able by bluetooth to transfer the Opera Mini 4.4
      file to my LG420G, but when I clicked on “launch”
      (for install), the installation process was halted with
      the message “Opera Mini cannot be installed. Critical
      Information is missing from the application file
      (Author or Tracfone-price).”

      Note that the information in the parenthesis are not my
      words, but what appeared on the screen.

      I googled this problem and read another post referring to the
      MANIFEST.MF not including the two edited lines.

      The way that I checked for the lines within the jar file was
      by clicking on 7-Zip Manager, double-clicking the Opera-Mini
      file, double-clicking the META-INF file, right-clicking the
      MANIFEST.MF file, selecting “edit,” and viewing the displayed
      lines. As I mentioned, the last two lines referring to
      “Tracfone” and “0.0” after “Author:” and “Tracfone-price”
      were listed.

      Somehow, the phone thinks those lines are not in the jar file.

      So, I am thinking, how can the edited display of the
      MANIFEST.MF file apparently show these two lines, but the
      .jar file as interpreted by the Tracfone think that the
      lines are not there? And, if the MANIFEST.MF file wasn’t
      part of the .jar file, is there some way the file could
      have been saved on my computer without the MANIFEST.MF
      file being included?

      There was a reference in the instructions for “putting the
      MANIFEST.MF file back where you found it.” Since I was able
      to view the MANIFEST.MF file by going the route within the
      listing of files via 7-ZIP through Opera-mini => META-INF =>
      MANIFEST.MF, I assume that the file was “put back where I
      found it.”

      Read your note about the listing of compatable phones with
      Opera Mini, and as you suggested, the absence of the listing
      for the LG420G may suggest it hasn’t been tested or not
      compatable. I have read at least two posts, and the one on
      the Howard Forum, verifying, allegedly, that it is compatable.


    • It sounds like there is something wrong with the MANIFEST.MF file inside the jar. Double check the following:

      1. There should only be one META-INF folder and it should contain only one MAINIFEST.MF. Double check the file and folder names. Some editors add .txt to end of file names so that MANIFEST.MF becomes MANIFEST.MF.txt. Fix it if that’s the case

      2. There should be no blank lines in MANIFEST.MF

      3. Verify that the capitalization, punctuation and spelling of the added lines is correct. According to KLM they should be:
      Author: TracFone
      TracFone-price: 0.0
      That’s a colon and a space after Author and TracFone-price. After TracFone-price: it’s zero dot zero (not oh dot oh).

      You could try sending the jad file to the phone too.

  28. Hey Plz hlp me…
    M usin LG GD510 (Java) handset. N i need 2 instal UC Browser 8.2 (Signd versn). N m getin d error as ‘authorization failed’, bt earlier version (Signd versn) wrkd prply…
    So cn u plz hlp me 2 instal UC 8.2

  29. problem downloading skype keep getting jad checking error 906 can u help seems your better than microsft was on hold for an hour and still never got to speak to customer service just run up my phone bill for nothing premium s___ t.

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