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 NBC5 Mobile Image Chicago’s NBC5 TV station (WMAQ) has a new mobile web site at I’m pretty sure that the site design was done by the same hand as the KTVU2 San Francisco site I reviewed recently. Both are very nicely done mobile sites that support both WAP1 and WAP2 phones with appropriate markup and images resized to just the right size to fill the screen on most devices.

Content emphasizes local news, weather (with a radar map) and sports. There are also national and entertainment news sections and something called “Weird News” which I’m not so sure about. NBC5’s current weird news consists of stories about a family charged with keeping their children in cages, a hearse driver dying on the job and the FBI releasing it’s rather boring dossier on Beatle John Lennon. More sad than weird.

Weird news aside, NBC5’s mobile news site is a good place for Chicagoans to catch up on local news, sports and weather.

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