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  1. I have a BB 9000. Download via ZIP and installation works, but I cant access to the Internet. The older jar Versions also doesn`t work. Wifi and Mobile Network is enabled.
    What can I do?

  2. All links work but 1.5 When clicking on the 1.5 jad the 1.5 jar is not found. COULD you please check if the 1.5 jar is on the servers?. THANKS

  3. Hi, I’m using my Nokia E71 again and although I can download and install the Gmail 2.06 app via your link here, I cannot actually use it! When I boot it and it asks which internet connection I want to use it does not allow me to connect and says that my connection is the problem (which it’s not). I’ve tried downloading the same 2.06 app from other places and it still has the same problem. I’ve finally decided to downgrade my experience (as long as I can use Gmail on my E71!) and have downloaded and installed the 1.5 version which works well now. However I do really miss the superior features on the 2.06 version and would rather be using that! Has anybody found a work-around the installation of the 2.06 version recently? If so, please share how you’ve done it here!

    • I’m getting the same error in 2.0.6 on multiple phones. With phones that I installed Gmail 2.0.6 on before around June, 2013 it still works, but anything installed after that fails. Google hasn’t officially supported Gmail for Java ME for several years and it now looks like they are now blocking new activations.

    • How are you opening your mails? I have Nokia asha 210 handset and the Gmail v1.5 runs on it like a dream, but I am unable to open my mails from my inbox. Whenever I press the ok button, the menu appears and the menu does not have an otion for reading he mails.

  4. Thank you Denis, I was using the 2.0.6 app till yesterday when it suddenly malfunctioned. I was unable to log in at all despite a strong connection. Ignorant of the fact that google had discontinued the application I deleted it, thinking that I shall be able to re-install it. I searched all day today and finally found your site. I installed 2.0.6 again but gives me the same error message, but 1.5 version works well and so I am so grateful to you for having posted the apps. I can read my mail on my Samsung 3653 again, thanks to you (savior)! :)

  5. Thanks for the link..
    I d/l v2.0.6 and installed
    However it is not working on my BB Curve v5.0

    I have a working data plan however It just cannot find internet connection.

    All other applications are working.
    I deleted opera mini and other application but still the same result.

    I tried V 1.5 but it gives network error.

    Any suggestions for this group will be very much appreciated.


  6. Hi Dennis, thank you for your response on March 27. But something weird has happened with the 1.5 App. It has installed and I can see an empty inbox, i can see a compose email screen and when I press goto, a menu list for starred, sent mail, contacts, etc shows up.

    Just to reiterate, I have a default browser on my blackberry which I have been using to surf the net over my home wifi. It’s been working fine. The blackberry is actually an unlocked device that I bought from a reputable dealer in the UAE called AXIOM.

    I read in another forum that the Gmail 1.5 version is fraught with bugs because many users have experienced exactly the same problem as me. Someone also suggested using the Version 1.1.1 and swears that it will work. Any idea where I can download the version 1.1.1?

    Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. I really appreciate it but I’m also very frustrated. Please help me?

    Does this info help at a

    • All the Gmail versions I have are posted here. I don’t have 1.1.1 for BlackBerry only 1.1 for Java.

      I’m not surprised that the 1.5 generic Jave version doesn’t work on a BlackBerry, as it’s not intended for BlackBerrys. Have you tried the 2.0.6 BlackBerry version?

  7. Hi, I managed to install Gmail Mobile 1.5 but when i tried to run it I get an error saying that I need a data plan and to contact the service provider. Please can you help me get it going. I dont get it. Surely if it can be installed it should be able to run. Is there something I can do. Please help me

  8. Hopefully anyone here has any idea on this odd problem.

    I was ecstatic finding the GMail application now that I need a reinstall on my trusted Nokia E71. Downloaded the 2.06 one (both JAD and JAR) and installed it without any problem…but running it the first time yields the error ” this program requires a working data connection. Please check your signal strength and connection settings.”

    1.5 installs and runs without issue.

    Defining an access point in the E71 Application Manager for the application doesn’t do anything. Neither does settng the connectivity to ‘always allowed’.
    I’m at wits’ end.

    Any ideas would be VERY welcome, as the GMail application is actually pretty much the one I used to use the most and it’s SORELY missed… :-(

    • Hi

      I have tried a bit too, to get Gmail 2.06 working. I have a couple of nokia 5500 sports. And one of them have it on, with fullscreen version and all working well. But the other one had a hard reset, and i ended up with the same problem as you.

      But it worked well with “first time”-inlogging 2 months ago. So i think it’s something with Googles servers itselt to do, and not with the app. (i was stupid enough to make another hard reset just right after). Im a newbie, so i really dont know.

      So i ended up using lonely cats ProfiMail. And this one also have notification on new emails (i think, havent got new emails yet). I bought it, but i think it has a trial-period so you can test it if you want.

  9. hi , i didnt find where to download the gmail 2.06 app , can u help me with this ?

  10. Hi,

    I have Nokia C5, v 1.5 and lower works fine, but when trying to install 2.0.6 it says wait until Gmail loads for the first time and then says “program needs working internet connection”.

    Connection is ok and permissions should also be. What else could I try?



    • Go into Symbian App Manager > Suite settings > Network connection and verify that the correct destination is selected. If that’s correct and 2.0.6 still doesn’t work use 1.5 there’s very little real difference between the two versions.

  11. I have Nokia 7230. Downloaded version 1.5 (Mail by Google). It works fine. Since this application is not available now from Google website, this helped a lot. Thanks for sharing the application

  12. I was using 2.0.6 version, but now this not working in my samsung s5233s edge quad band. is there any other version same as 2.0.6 and from where to install it. please help me

  13. Ok! Got everything working fine now. Some of the keys used to manipulate the app are different on the e72 from the e71 but both are now working properly. I use this app to check my mail when travelling abroad, with very low data costs. I set-up my mail account to forward all mail to gmail for the duration then revert on my return. All mail remains on my main server until deleted from there when back home. Thank you and regards to all.

  14. Hi again Keivan, My telephone is a Nokia e72. Now I have got the username and password in and saved, the app opens up to my Gmail inbox without any further login. The initial login was to highlight the user name box and then type until the text page appeared then restart to type. same procedure for both username and password. What you describe seems a little different. Still looking for the answer to the add recipient bug. I have tried Ymail’s app and it seems ok but quite often hangs and the only way to proceed is to turn off the phone. Still want to use Gmail though.

  15. Hi Keivan, just start to type 2 or 3 letters in the box and the page switches to a text page then start to type again. Same goes for password. I have installed this software and it works but there is another bug. When you access contacts and click on one, the contact list disappears and the address does not appear on the message. Trying to find a solution for this. I have the original app on my e71 on it’s perfect! Love it!

    • Hmm, that doesn’t seem to work on my phone. I type many letters but they do not appear in the text box. If I hit enter, I see the text page, but after I enter my username there and choose save, what I typed does not appear in the username text box. Same for password. I guess there is some incompatibility with my phone (LG Reflex).

  16. Ok, got it figured out! Got to type several letters before the sign-in screen changes to text screen. Many thanks for the app link. Regards to all, Dan

    • I’m having this same problem. Daniel, can you explain a little bit more how you got the text to appear on your phone? Thanks!

  17. I have tried to install this on my e72 but when I try to log in no letters appear as I type. I have this app on my e71 and really want it on my e72. Regards to all, Dan

  18. Thumbs up 4 you guys! I’ve always carried an additional fone to host my gmail accounts. But that’s not necessary since u’ve made it available to me on .

  19. Thanks!I’ve been looking for this for so long and here is the only place I could flnd it!

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