157 thoughts on “Gmail for Java and Blackberry No Longer Available From Google – Get It Here

  1. Thanks a lot it was really helpful may I wish people help you the same as you help others.
    All the best.

  2. Thanks for providing these files – had searched google’s site for a half hour prior to finding your post – really appreciate you sharing them.

    Version 1.1.jar works on my Samsung s390!

  3. Did they finely stop the support for this java application?

    I used it on my S/E K800i yesterday, or the day before, and it worked. Today, it started to complain that “This application needs a working internet connection…” But I was running Opera mini at the same time, so I did have a working connection.
    I removed the program, and re-installed it, from this site (Thanks Allot for having it here!).
    Have tried both the:
    * Mobile Java: V 2.0.6 – 257 KB: JAD, JAR
    and the
    * V 1.5 “Mail By Google”
    but the problem is the same. I can download, install and start the programs, but they claim that there is no internet connection. (When I can clearly have a working connection.)

    I’m worried that Google have terminated the possibility to use these java programs…

    Any one else with a similar experience?

  4. Thanks dude . It is very useful to me as i have been searching from few months

  5. Thank you so much for you help !
    I can use gmail on my e71 now !
    Hello from Singapore!

  6. Many thanks for that man, it is very very usefull to have kept those apps for us, thanks a lot.

  7. I just changed to a new BlackBerry and was so happy to get this Gmail app back. Awesome. Thank you so much.

  8. Hey Buddy,
    I am soooooooo delighted by this deed of yours.
    Thanks a million.
    This is a very good app for blackberry. (2.0.6 version of Gmail)
    I dont understand why google disabled it..
    Anyway thanks my friend.

  9. Dennis, thanks a lot for this post. I’m also an orphan of Gmail for java.

    I had a version that worked perfectly with my Nokia 3120c (Series 40 OS). I’m trying the V 2.0.6 from your post but it is slightly different: it doesn’t accept my phone’s enter key. I need to use the 5 key instead, which doesn’t work well with some functions, like selecting emails from my address book.

    Do you know if there’s another V2 for phones like mine?

    Thanks a lot!

  10. Thank you so much for this. I recently had to do a factory reset on my nokia e72 and lost the gmail app I’d grown to love, as it was the only thing that enabled me to delete emails. Nokia’s built in messenger simply archives the bloody things when what I really want to do is delete them.

  11. Thank you very much. I could successfully download Gmail for my Nokia 5230 last Sep.But last month I found I can’t do it for my friend’s Nokia C 5-03 . I’ve been searching download links for Gmail for mobile since then. Your JAD link is the solution for me. Now both mobile work well with v 2.0.6 – 257 KB.Thanks once again for your info. You have saved my pride!

  12. I had to Hard Reset my Nokia Mobile and Lost this application! Found it at last. Thanks a Bunch. Makes life a lot easier.

  13. Thanks.

    After changing my device I couldnt manage to follow my personal mail account.

  14. thanx a million.i had the app in my old phone.unfortunately i lost my phone and been searching like crazy for gmail for my new phone.

  15. THAAAANKS A LOT!!! Really works, I downloaded gmail over a year ago, yesterday deleted by mistake:(( I spent two nights to find the solution and YOU are the solution!!! Icon of gmail looks ugly now but at least it works! Thank you once again. Rgs,Liya

  16. Best web content…

    This is the only site, where u should get the GMAIL application.

    Thank you ‘wap review’

  17. after installing the gmal206g.jar in my samsung gtb-7722 unable to login error is “An unexpected error occurred during program execution. Please try your operation again.”
    Please help

  18. Thanks for the BB app! I had uninstalled it by mistake and could not find it again. It works.
    Thanks so much!

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  20. Thanks. Saved me – I reset my phone, then lost the gmail app. 2.0.6 works on my SE Elm, but slightly differently to the version I had previously obtained from Google. That version was full screen, and had refresh as left press and menu as right. This has menu as centre and refresh as right and is not full screen. There are some other differences. Does anyone know where the version I had for the SE elm would be.

  21. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are the best. You literally saved this self-diagnosed OCD person! :)

  22. I’ve used LogicMail for Gmail’s imap. It works better for up-to-the-second email updates. I use the Gmail app when I need to be able to search my emails or archive and/or delete a bunch of useless emails quickly (like those newsletters we seldom read or those deal sites).

    I can’t see the Java Gmail app from working stopping working, as it actually downloads the “mobile web” version of your emails. That’s why html links don’t work. Only links with the url in the rendered text work.

    (Btw, logicmail can render simple html links, and you can copy text from emails too).

    Others have reported that shanghai mail for blackberry works with gmail too.

    • You are welcome. I can sort of understand Google no longer developing mobile Java apps, it’s a declining platform. However pulling the apps from their site when they still work makes no sense. I’m worried that that this may indicate that they are planning remove the API these apps use rendering them useless. You might want to take a look at PicoMail, http://picomail.com/ a third party mobile Java email app that works well with Gmail and uses the IMAP protocolwhich Google will keep supporting as it’s what desktop email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook and Apple Mail use. The downside is PicoMail has ads.

  23. I downloaded the gmail 206 version to my torch but keep getting an error:
    error starting gmail206: Module gmail206-3 verification error 1074 at offset a45f

    Can anyone help me out?

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  25. Fernando,

    the problem with open-sourcing it is Java ME is very much not open-source, unlike Java SE.

  26. And if they claim to no longer have the in-house programmers to maintain GMail for Java ME, they should do the obvious thing and OPEN SOURCE IT. I´m sure there´s plenty of programmers @ Oracle who could maintain such version.

    In fact, if some hacker group *cough* runs the existing GMail client through a Java decompiler like JAD and posts the full source of the application for all to see, I wonder what Google could do about it.

    Of course, I´m not vouching for the violation of Google´s IP and trade secrets, not at all. That would be a fairly extreme (and beyond all, illegal) measure.

    Let´s hope Google comes to its senses and releases the GMail app as open source. Should we start a petition?.

  27. Google promised to “do no evil” but that s precisely what they are doing: copying Microsoft and promoting their own platforms (Android) at the expense of the competition (Java ME enabled phones). They can´t claim there is no market share. They simply try to reduce functioality to Java ME devices by stopping support for the platform.

    The big question why no one has challenged this on competition grounds. Seems like abuse of a dominant position to me…


  28. Does any one has newer version of Gmail Mobile for Java? I can not download it from Google anymore :(


  29. What Jtron said. If anyone has the 2.0 or higher versions, please please, post a link. My job may depend on it

  30. if anyone has the 2.0 or higher versions of the jad installer (now unavailable from google) please comment.
    The newest version here has limited functionality on the bold 9780.

  31. i downloaded the JAD file of version 1.5 to my samsung hero e2230. And after the download finished it said “java content does not match the application”.please help

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