Bolt Browser News and Referral Codes

BitStream just gave me 500 referral codes for the Bolt Browser that I reviewed last Friday.  If you don’t have Bolt, go to click the “Download” tab and fill out the form, entering wapreview in the referral code field.

Bolt - with Split Screen

I also found out a little more about Bolt.

Versions and Upgrades: The initial release of Bolt was version 0.70, the latest is 0.73 – which is what you should have if you downloaded after 9 AM EST on Friday.  There is another release in the works although I have no ETA.  If you don’t have 0.73, go back to the Download page and request a new download.  I don’t think you need a referral code for updates, the site should recognize you as a returning Beta tester based on your email address.

Bolt is based on Bitstream’s ThunderHawk Browser. The underlying ThunderHawk technology supports BREW, Windows Mobile and Symbian and it is planned for BOLT to support these platforms in the future.

Phone Requirements:

  • J2ME MIDP2 (virtually all J2ME phones produced in the last three years)
  • BOLT supports all common/standard screen sizes
  • Approximately 150k storage space for application
  • 500k of RAM to run application

Bolt - History and Favorites

Bolt Architecture: Bolt uses the WebKit rendering engine and Bitstream’s proprietary fonts and font engine on the server. Content is compressed 23:1 before being sent to the handset, reducing data traffic and page load times.

Multimedia and Plugin Support: BOLT supports Flash video. The client/server architecture is used to transcode the video on the fly into 3gp format, then send to the device. In some devices (e.g., Motorola RAZR), video is played directly in the browser window as it would be on a PC. In others (e.g., BlackBerry smartphones), the video is played through the device’s native media player via the native browser. The device’s capabilities determine the process used to display video.  Video that is in mobile 3gp format is sent directly to the device without transcoding.   Bolt supports Ajax (except for timer events).

Bolt - You Tube

If you missed out on the first round of Bolt invites last week, now you have another chance.  If your phone supports Java ME, I highly recomend you give Bolt a try.

13 thoughts on “Bolt Browser News and Referral Codes

  1. I download it version 2.3 but when i open it it says no internet connection but when im using opera mini my net is work properly im using a nokia 2700 classic

  2. Prasetyo, I don’t understand your question. There’s nowhere to enter a “host server” in Bolt and no need to. Just install it and run it. If it doesn’t work either your GPRS settings are wrong or you don’t have a data plan.

  3. I’ve download this application,but i need host server to get start this application.Anybody can help us,what host/server for this bolt?Please send to my mail.

  4. Val,

    First make sure you are using the same access point settings for Bolt as work for Opera Mini.

    Try the multi-signed version first, if it fails try the other signed versions. If they fail then try the unsigned ones.

    If none of the four versions of Bolt work file a bug report at giving as much information as possible including make and model of phone, name and country of your mobile opperator and the exact error message

  5. i get exactly the same message.bolt won’t connect to the server for some reason.i’ve got a samsung sgh e 250 and programs like opera mini run perfectly on my mobile with good speed.any idea which version of bolt might work better for me?signed or unsigned… Thanks

  6. Hey, Dennis! Just updated to Bolt v.083 and… EPIC FAIL! I’ve got the Verisign v. on my LG CU400 and can’t connect to the net at all. I get ‘due to connectivity issues, the last command could not be executed. java io/ IOException (something, something, something-sorry)the target of the name could not be found. Maybe it’s just made for smartphones, IDK. *sigh*

  7. Actually, if it’s 40k heavier one wonders what’s inside it – I can unpack a jar but java is not my language. Of course I never trusted the anonymous teashark!

  8. By the way, Dennis, there’s a ‘new’ browser making the rounds though its’ provenance is problamatic: it’s name is ‘firefox’ in an ironic tip of the hat to the heavily anticipated but never here fennec – I believe it’s some kind of mod of teashark, which, like you, would normaly make me worried but, since we know nothing of who is behind teashark and it was, last week, the no. 1 download from mosh and, for how long?, there has been on development of teashark, i think we may be permitted to test this. It’s about 40k heavier but seems very smooth. If you think it’s wrong to try it please tell me. If not, then what you think? I just enjoy the irony. Come on mozzila, we’re waiting!

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