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idiomag is a personalized online music magazine offering the latest in music news, reviews, music tracks and streaming videos.

While anyone can use idiomag and get generic content, if you register at you can set you musical preferences and import your profile from Pandora, iLike,, MyStrands, MOG or Songza.  idiomag will then be personalized with music recommendations, tracks and videos based on your musical likes.

idiomag’s mobile edition ( includes news, reviews and videos. It uses browser detection and delivers a “lite” version to basic phones and a richer presentation to advanced handsets like S60 3rd edition phones using Webkit and the iPhone. Opera Mini only gets the basic version, unfortunately.

I’m a little concerned with idiomag’s  page size.  The lite version is a surprising large 28 KB, a little too large for some low-end phones to display completely.  The culprit is poor image optimization. One of the 50×50 thumbnail images alone is over 18 KB!  Using the free IrfanView program to  remove the EXIF header and increase the jpeg compression, I was able to reduce the image size to 1,191 Bytes.  Can you see the difference? I can’t –  the optimized image is on the right.

Bloated thumbnail with EXIF headed Optimized Image


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