New Mobile Carnival

Carnival Tents

Over at VoIP Survivor, Tsahi Levent-Levi has just posted “The Carnival is Back in Town (Carnival of the Mobilists #158)“. The latest Carnival is full of great posts on the mobile experience and ecosystem.  Regardless of which areas of mobile interest you; hardware, software, marketing, corporate strategy, user experience, development or security;  I think you will find something of value in this Carnival.

Thank you, Tsahi for including my “Transcoders and HTTPS” piece. There is also a great post by Tom Godber’s on  the same issue in this Carnival.  Tom works in the mobile security field and provides a very readable explanation of how https works and the risks posed by allowing transcoders to intercept secure sessions.  This is a subject that needs to be more widely discussed.  Robust end-to-end security is essential to the success of web based mobile financial services.

Congratulations to Martin Sauter for winning Post of the Week honors for his piece on how he uses the WiFi capabilities of modern Smartphones.

Link: Carnival of the Mobilists #158 at VoIP Survivor