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 Der Spiegel MobileMobile social bookmarking site Tappity (review), seems to be getting pretty popular – at least its users are adding new sites at a rapid clip. I still use del.icio.us for bookmaking with an Opera Mini bookmarklet. I’d like to switch to Tappity but there’s still no way to add a bookmark from Tappity’s mobile site and no way to get to the PC edition from a mobile browser – the site always redirects mobiles, even those using Opera Mini, to the mobile site.

However, Tappity’s Recently Added RSS feed has become my best source for finding new mobile sites. Here’s the latest batch, a bunch of US local news sites which I’ve added under the News/US Local By State section of YesWAP.com and the WapReview Directory. These news sites are all pretty similar with an emphasis on local news, sports and politics. I’m not going to be doing much more that listing the URLs and the communities they serve. These mostly small-town newspaper sites are a real example of the mobile web’s long tail. Chances are that one or more of the 60 sites listed in the full US Local News by State section will be of interest to you because it’s from your hometown or another area where you have roots. I’m impressed by the general quality level of these mobile sites which all have pages and photos appropriately sized to not overwhelm even low-end mobile browsers. Most also use accesskeys for easy one key mobile navigation.

KSAT Wireless wap.ksat.com San Antonio, Texas TV channel.

WVIT NBC 30 wap.nbc30.com Hartford Connecticut NBC network TV station.

WFMY News 2 m.wfmynews2.com Gannett owned TV station for Greensboro – High Point – Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Gannett, a major media conglomerate owing 100+ newspapers and TV stations has been a leader in bringing local news to the mobile web.

WXAI-TV 11 News Mobile m.11alive.com Another Gannett station, this one from Atlanta, Georgia.

13 WMAZ m.13wmaz.com Gannett TV channel in Macon, Georgia.

Asheville Citizen-Times m.citizen-times.com Daily newspaper for Asheville, North Carolina.

CLtogo.com m.clarionledger.com Mobile site of the Jackson, Mississippi Clarion Ledger, another Gannett daily.

Montgomery Advertiser Mobile m.montgomeryadvertiser.com Gannett’s Montgomery, Alabama paper

Hattiesburg American m.hattiesburgamerican.com This Gannett daily is published in Hattiesburg, Missisippi.

Something a little different is the English edition of Der Spiegel‘s mobile site (mobile.spiegel.de/english) which I’ve filed under News/Intermational on the portal and directory. Der Spiegel is Germany’s biggest weekly newsmagazine. It’s a good general mobile news site with the full text of about a hundred recent articles from the magazine’s PC website. A few articles are illustrated with a single well chosen photo. At 191 px the photos are little too wide for mainstream phones but the site is still usable most devices.

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