Found on the Mobile Web #16

Here’s this week’s quick look on new and updated mobile web sites. All sites have been added to the respective categories on the mobile portal and directory.


 MostatMostat ( If you have a blog or other site running Google Analytics you can view charts on your mobile phone with Mostat. Via: TechCrunch

Search/Local/City Guides

HelloMetro ( City guides for 650 cities around the world. The mobile site is easy to navigate and contains Yellow and White pages search, local news and sports headlines and restaurant and attractions guides. There are capsule reviews of a few of the venues. The content for San Francisco is a little thin but with 650 cities to cover what do you expect.


PubMed ( from the National Institutes of Health. This site is oriented towards medical professionals. Search and read abstracts from medical journals. Via ResourceShelf

Technology/Tech News

Crunchgear ( is a gadget blog that’s part of the TechCrunch empire. The mobile site is created with Andy Moore’s new WordPress Mobile Plugin which detects mobile devices and delivers a mobile formatted version to them. Mobilization doesn’t seem to be extended to TechCrunch and MobileCrunch yet.

News/International ( News and program highlights from the Canadian TV network. Text only but frequently updated with detailed stories.


 House BeautifulThree Hearst Corporation magazines marketed primarily to women and often sold in supermarket checkout lines have gone mobile with well designed new sites created by Crisp Wireless.

Redbook ( Features fashion, health and relationship advice, profiles of notable people and serial novels.

Good Housekeeping ( is famous for it’s Seal of Approval given to products used in the home, the magazine also has recipes, decorating and remodeling tips as well as short stories – often by well know writers.

House Beautiful ( Covers all aspects of home interior decoration.


The big three Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, have all updated aspects of their online mobile services.

Yahoo has turned on localized versions of oneSearch (review) in the UK, Canada, France, Italy and Spain two months after the US launch. This means that residents of those countries will find oneSearch on their Yahoo! Mobile Portal page at You can also reach the US version of oneSearch from anywhere in the world by going to Replace the ‘us’ in that URL with uk, ca, fr, it or es to see the new localized versions from other countries. Via an email from Sudhir.

Google has renamed a couple of their services. Google Personal Home Page is now iGoogle and Froogle is now Google Product  Spaces Search. The iGoogle/Personal Home page address is still the same ( but Product Search has moved to In their eagerness to the bury the Froogle name the the big G did not make the transition seamless for users who bookmarked the old address which now redirects mobile browsers to the Desktop version of Product Search rather than the mobile one. This seems minor but is sort of thing that causes many to call the mobile web “hard to use”.

Microsoft has updated the mobile edition of social blogging site Spaces ( . A mobile Space now has a Recent Posts section at the top. If you log in to your own Space you see Recent Comments first along with Friend requests. The Friend feature of Spaces is new to the mobile edition. Your friends profile pictures and links to their Spaces are now on your homepage. Via Mike’s Lounge

Technology/Mobile/Mobile Social

Twitter Mobile ( has a mobile site of their own. It’s a little different than Twapper which was included in Found on the Mobile Web #14. Twapper lets you eavesdrop on anyone’s public Twitters as long as you know their username while Twitter Mobile requires you to login with your own username and only shows Twitters from you and your friends. via CrunchGear.

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