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 Newsvine Newsvine is a popular, user driven news site. It works a little like Digg in that stories are submitted and voted on by members. But Newsvine is much mellower and more focused than Digg. The site’s Code of Honor stresses respect for others, relevance and avoiding sensationalism. The code seems to be followed remarkably well making the site a fine online news source covering US and world news, sports, tech, business, health and entertainment. The site’s front page has top stories from all topic areas and there are also 17 separate category pages which function as category specific front pages.

Newsvine has three different types of stories on the front page and topic specific pages;

  • Wire service stories reproduced in their entirety on Newsvine.
  • “Seeded” stories which are user submitted (seeded) links to external sites. Seeded stories have a Newsvine launch page with a brief excerpt or synopsis by the user who submitted the story and then a link to the full story on the external site.
  • Stories by Featured Writers which are user written articles published on Newsvine. These are like blog items with comments and the ability to read an archive of each writers items.

The mobile edition of the Newsvine ( does a good job of presenting all the content of the PC site in a format that is easy to understand and navigate on a mobile device. Category selection is handled by a dropdown at the top of the page. The three types of Newsvine stories are clearly marked and delimited. Which is a good thing for users on a metered data plan, or with browsers that can’t handle full-web pages as the Read Article links on the Seeded story launch pages lead directly to full-web sites.

Mobile usability is generally good but there are a couple of small issues:

  • Images on are wider (250px) than most mobile device screens and will be truncated or resized by the browser. My phone’s browser can resize images on the fly but pages with images needing resizing load and scroll much more slowly.
  • If you go to Newsvine’s PC site with a mobile browser there is code that is supposed to redirect to the .mobi site. Unfortunately the code is JavaScript which, except for high-end smartphones and Opera Mini, mobile browsers don’t support so the redirection doesn’t work with the browsers that need it most. Go directly to to always get the mobile version.

All in all, is a great edition to the the mobile web news universe. I think it compares very well with mainstream mobile news sites like Yahoo, the BBC Google News and the NY Times in timeliness, relevance and article quality.

I’ve added to the News section of the mobile portal and Wapreview Directory.

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Features: **** Usability: ****

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