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It looks like T-Mobile USA has just made it harder to use data aware Java applications like Opera Mini, Google Maps and gMail on the $5.99 (and grandfathered $4.99 and $2.99) T-MobileWeb unlimited data plans. While some users are saying T-Mobile is blocking Java, I think they are just requiring the use of the T-Mobile proxy to get to the Internet. Java applications should be able to use the proxy but on many phones, especially recent T-Mobile branded ones, there is no way to specify a proxy for Java applications.

Also affected are Pay As You Go (PAYG) users – who were never supposed to be able to access the web except for a walled garden of just CNN, ABC News, ESPN and a trivia site. But since October anyone, even PAYG users, could setup a proxy-less connection and access the full Internet with all ports open.

T-Mobile has a history of sometimes requiring the proxy and sometimes not. When I first started with T-Mobile in early 2005, no proxy was required, all ports were open and my T-Mobile to Go PAYG phone had full web access. From what I hear that had been the case for over a year prior. But within weeks proxy-less connections stopped working and the free ride ended. Then last October, proxy-less started working again. As of this Wednesday the proxy is once again required. The proxy keeps users without data plans in the walled garden and limits connections on the $5.99 plan to the few ports needed to support http, pop3, smtp and imap – no tcp, ftp vpn, nntp, etc.

There are active threads about this on Howard Forums and the Opera Mini Forum. Engadget Mobile did a piece on it too. Some users are saying that setting up the proxy lets them use Opera Mini, etc again while others say it doesn’t help. I don’t know, maybe T-Mobile is blocking socket connections on the proxy. If that is the case re-running Opera Mini’s Network Setup tool (Menu/Tools/Settings/Network setup) should get it working again. When Mini’s network setup runs it tries to create a socket connection and if that fails configures the app to use http instead.

As a PAYG user, I’m affected but I don’t really have any reason to complain as open GPRS was never supposed to be part of the PAYG plan. I do wish that T-Mobile would sell me data access on PAYG. I’d gladly pay the $5.99 a month or even a little more. Setting up the proxy lets me use Opera Mobile (not Mini), Netfront and Doris to access the PAYG walled garden but that’s all. Of course I still have my Boost Mobile PAYG phone which has unlimited web access including with Java apps like Opera Mini for $10.50/month.

I think T-Mobile is just trying to keep PAYG users and contract users without data plans for accessing the web for free. They probably want to get data access locked down before the upcoming 3G release. Breaking Java is just collateral damage. The proxy and T-Mobile’s WAP gateway both restrict users without data plans to a walled garden where they can check their minutes, buy ringtones, etc. But restrictions in the firmware of most T-Mobile phones combined with the proxy is having the effect of blocking Java applications for many paying customers. I don’t understand why T-Mobile cripples Java applications on most of their phones by either removing the option to configure the Java proxy settings (most Nokias and Motorolas) or by requiring applications to be signed in order to use data (all recent Samsungs and some Nokias). I can’t believe they are doing it to reduce network traffic as browsing with Opera Mini uses less bandwidth than visiting the same sites using the built in browser and the gMail app generates no more traffic than using gMail’s mobile web site. gMail and especially Opera Mini are compelling and addictive applications. I know if I was a contract customer paying for data and I couldn’t use Opera Mini anymore, I’d switch carriers ASAP.

T-Mobile does offer a plan called T-Mobile Internet which allows proxy-less connections with all ports open. But that plan is $29.99/month, quite a jump from $5.99. Sure – the 29.99 plan also includes unlimited WiFi at T-Mobile Hotspots and the plan’s TOS allows tethering but there are many people have no need for those features but do want to use Opera Mini and gMail. $29.99 is too much to pay for just GPRS/Edge, Especially when unlimited 3G is $15/month with Sprint and $20/month at Cingular/ATT.

In the meantime if you are on the $5.99 plan and Opera Mini or gMail stopped working this week there is hope – you may just need to update the settings on your phone. You need to specify the proxy address ( and port (8080). You’d think that T-Mobile’s settings configurator (tmobileus.wdsglobal.com/phonefirst) would push those settings to your phone, however when I tried the configurator it did not set the proxy. Neither did Nokia USA’s configurator. So you will have to enter settings manually. Here are the settings for some popular phones. These will only work if you have a data plan and you phone lets you edit the data settings. None of this will work on PAYG:

Nokia S60 1st edition (3650, N-Gage), I think these settings will also work for S60 2nd edition phones like the 6680.

You need to set up a separate access point for 3rd party applications including Java.

Go to Menu/Tools/Settings/Connection/Access Points/Options/New Access point/Use Existing Settings. Pick the Access Point you use for the WAP browser, normally called T-Zones or T-Zones GPRS. This is safe, Use Existing Settings clones the existing Access Point with a new name, the original T-Zones settings (which you need for the WAP browser) are not modified. Then edit the settings to look like the following. You should only need to change the Connection Name, Gateway IP Address and Proxy address and port.

Connection Name: Java <- you can use any name.
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access point name: wap.voicestream.com
User name: None
Prompt Password: No
Password: none
Authentication: Normal
Gateway IP Address:

Press Options softkey and choose Advanced Settings

Device IP Address: Automatic
Primary Name Server:
Second. Name Server:
Proxy Serv. Address:
Proxy Port Number: 8080

Go to Apps/Options/Settings/Default Access Point and choose the new “Java” Access Point from the list. Then start Opera Mini and run the Network Setup in Mini.

Motorola RAZR and most other recent Motorola phones. From my.Opera.com

If you have a Settings/WebAccess/Web Sessions menu on your phone, just set up a new web session with the following properties:

Name: Java Session <- This name is special, nothing else will work! Homepage: http://wap.myvoicestream.com
Service Type 1: WAP
Gateway IP 1:
Port 1: 9201
Service Type 2: HTTP
Gateway IP 1:
Port 1: 8080
GPRS APN: wap.voicestream.com

If it’s a T-Mobile branded phone the Web Sessions menu will likely to be missing. Bringing it back is possible using a SEEM edit which requires a data cable and some free software. There are several programs that will work including Motokit and P2Kman. I’ve never done this myself so I won’t give instructions but if you Google “razr unlock web sessions” (replace “razr” with name of your Motorola model) you will find plenty of sites with software and instructions. Warning: SEEM editing will void your phone’s warranty and if you make a mistake, can make your phone unusable.

Nokia Series 40 2nd Edition 3220, 6101, 6230: (From my.opera.com and mgmaps.com)
Go to Services/Settings/Connection Settings on the 6230
0r Settings/Configuration/Personal Configuration Settings on the 6101 or 3220
Choose Options/Add New/Access Point (AccessPoint is labeled Services on some phones)

Set up the Access Point or Service as follows

Settings name : T-Zones GPRS
homepage: http//wap.myvoicestream.com
proxies: enable
primary proxy :
secondary proxy: :8080
data bearer: GPRS
Bearer settings :GPRS access point wap.voicestream.com
Authentication type Secure
Login type automatic
user name

Could luck and leave a comment here if you get Java apps working with T-Mobile’s $5.99 plan.

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  1. This is how I resolved the issue of messed-up Java Session on an unlocked MOTORAZR V3xx that I use on the T-Mobile network with the $5.99 T-Zones plan. The phone, while unlocked, had AT&T branding and a non-editable Java Session file.

    First, I installed P2K Commander version 5.1.0. For some reason, it would only recognize my phone under to conditions: in Main Menu -> Settings -> Connection -> USB Settings, I had to set the default to Data Connection, and I had to run RSD Lite prior to starting P2K Commander, and to make sure RSD Lite finds the phone.

    Second, I found a file called WebSession in the /a P2K Phone System folder, and DELETED it.

    Third, I went to http://motorolasetup.tarsin.com and sent myself a text message with the settings appropriate for my phone (MOTORAZR V3xx) and provider (T-Mobile Internet).

    Fourth, I received a couple of text messages with the setup details, read the ones with the PIN numbers (it’s usually 1234), and clicked on “Install” for the installable ones, which created several non-editable web session files, including one called “T-zones”.

    Fifth and finally, I copied the “T-zones” web session to a web session “Java Session”. With this, Opera Mini, amd GMaps seem quite happy.

  2. I have the same problem. I am currently using an underpowered
    Nokia 3555b with UMTS capability. Can’t run Opera Mini or any other
    Java app. I am looking to get my hands on an Sony Ericsson TM506 (although the rumor is out that they will remove tethering capability from new models), so updating it down the road would not be an option.

    Anyhow, nobody I know of offers an unlock code for the 3555b (am still looking) and although I have the vpn 24/7 data plan and so tether the Nokia to my Thinkpad, the inability to use anything other than T-Zones on the phone itself is driving me quite mad.

    Any ideas much appreciated.

  3. I have the Samsung Blast and cannot get Opera Mini to work. I want to know if unlocking the phone will allow Java apps to access the web? Does anyone know if doing this works?

  4. My problem no longer exists. I can now download apps without them failing to download. I guess its because its the end of the Beijing Olympics? :P

  5. I forgot to mention that I always have three to four bars of connection (four is the max)

  6. I am using the built in browser. When I try to download any .jar applications, it starts showing the little box that says “downloading…” and then it will show the percentage of how much is done being dowloaded. Sometimes, it will stay at 1% for a few minutes, or it will go to at least 6%, but then after each time, it will show “downloading failed” and then the process of downloading would stop.

  7. RalphC,

    You need to be a little more descriptive of the problem for anyone to be able help you. What exactly is happening:

    * How are you downloading? Are you using the built in browser, Opera Mini or something else to initiate the download?

    *What and where are you downloading? Site and file name?

    *What do you see after you click the download link? An error message or some indication (process bar) that the file is transfering? A prompt like “Do you want to install this file” or something else?

    * The exact text of all error messages?


  8. I think its happening again…for some reason, I can no longer download any applications to my T-Mobile 6133. What is weird is that this only started happening a few days ago (I was able to download many applications before this problem started to occur). Also, if you need to know, I do have the 5.99/month plan. Is there any way I can fix this? Thx for reading.

  9. Does anyone have any advice for the Samsung t509? I have the $5.99 plan but I cant get any of my web based java apps to work.

  10. Also, You are right chantelle all you need is an unlocked phone and the right settings. The problem is Tmobile is able to block TP apps if you cant find the settings on your own and are forced to use the configurator from t-mobiles site. With nokias you can unlock them by going to 123unlock.com and buying a code for 5 bucks and then you go to nokias website and use thier configurator and your set to use any app you want cause nokia doesn’t send locks to your phone they only send you what you need. I had an N_GAGE QD that I used to surf like crazy impress all my friends with maps and such but it was slow as all heel and so I changed phones to moto v554 and it was supposed to be unlocked but then I got it and I couldn’t load any apps it i had already gotten rid of my ngage so I was scwrewed for a while. But all is good thanks to Wap review.

  11. I just bought a motorizr z3 and the settings listed on this page for the razr worked great! After doing what the listing said Menu>WebAccess>Web Sessions> I chose “Java Session” changed the settings to what was listed in this post and then selected “Java Session” Options above the soft key and then selected “Set Default” Now that “Java Session” is the default gateway, anytime you tap the browser button in will open that default session. However it somehow is still able to block downloads of TP apps so you use Tzones to download them and then because “Java Session” is the default gateway for data sessions, you close tzones and then when you run Opera mini or Gmail or Gmaps these apps are able to retrieve the info they need to serve you. Life is good when you have the intelagence to remain in control of your own world. Thank you Wap Review for all your help. I count have done it without you.

  12. I have the $5.99 t zones, and I unbranded my nokia 5300. I have been running gmail, opera mini, and any other app unhindered for approx 8 months now. Just unbrand your phone and configure it and you can have all the internet you want for $5.99

  13. For all you Samsung T-629 users, there is a code that gets you access to your data settings – it is this: *#87927# – putting that in will immediately bring up your gprs, mms, and a couple of other settings for data access….. Hope this helps….

  14. On my tmobile phone (samsung t629) atleast the problem would not be solved by a proxy, in the J2ME virtual machine on the phone there is an option to disable network access by any Java applications. Tmobile has this option set to block all access and they have the ability to change it disabled.

  15. As freakin SLOW AS THIS IS!!! …it finally works, once again :) Thanks to everyone who contributed cuz finally I get to have this working again.. Thank you SO much lol

  16. Early adopters of tzones were data users either 1mb or unlimited. As with this change, their goal is present and future with no regard to the existing users who paid for a service. It’s pretty obvious the data network here in the usa is for canned and packaged services like Sidekick, blackberry, winmobile. Other things are limited by low cost slash solutions.

  17. Boston area stopped working last week, I was using the 6$ / month data plan without a proxy for a few months… I knew it was too good to last :(

    Guess I gotta use the proxy until I think of something faster :)

  18. ^^^ Is this true? Can anyone confirm that even if you pay the $30 unlimited plan these apps still won’t work??

  19. Access to gmail, google maps, opera mini et al is also cripped on phones sold by T-Mobile EVEN IF YOU PAY THE $30/MONTH UNLIMITED INTERNET ACCESS PLAN. I’m not kidding.

  20. I live in Atlanta, and my Java internet access stopped working around the beginning of June. I tried the proxy by modifying a few settings in the T-Zones session (on my Motorola PEBL, reflashed to the stock version) and my Java apps are now fully working!!!

  21. Thanks so much for the helpful article. While my phone (Samsung t629) must have a hidden way to change the proxy settings, I’ve yet to figure it out. Thanks for the tips though!

  22. mine just stopped working last night, but i have already created a Web sessions called Java Sessions. I’m on the $5.99 a month plan. Strangely, only Gmail mobile stopped working but Gmaps is still working.

    Any thoughts on how to get this fixed anyone? I’m guessing perhaps Gmail mobile is using a new port instead of 9201 maybe, so the web sesssions proxy isn’t working? Or perhaps it’s something entirely different?

  23. Mine stopped around the end of April, I believe.

    I just can’t fathom $20 monthly to regain that level of access –limited on some things- on that tiny screen.


  24. You know…the old T-Mobile web configurator would send a Web Session to the phone that was named “Java Session”. Now it is named “T-Zones”.

    I copied and renamed my web session “Java Sessions” and lo and behold — the Gmail App that has not worked for weeks is now “working”.

    By “working” I mean I only get the Network Unavailable error message every 30 seconds, or every time I try to send a message.

    Better than nothing at this point.

    One of us needs to find out how to edit the java proxy settings on the RAZR….then this wouldn’t be an issue.

  25. Cingular has done the same, although they’ve only required applications to be signed by them or a manufacturer in order to use data with full permissions and not through proxy settings. They’ve done this with all their non-PDA devices released after the end of 2006.

    Here are some discussions on the matter:


  26. This was the information I was looking for, my PAYG internet just stopped working last week and now I know why. I’ve tried many different settings to try and reclaim this ‘free’ service to no avail. I suggest people just switch to Cingular for the PAYG plans and pay the $20/month. If anyone has a better/cheaper suggestion please let me know!.

  27. We should be fair to T-Mobile. T-MobileWeb (formerly T-Zones) was never supposed to allow Java applications to connect to the web. It was only supposed to allow access to T-Mobile’s own portal (with news feeds, IM, email, weather, sports links, etc). That’s why it’s only $6.

    People are basically exploiting a loophole in the proxy set up that allows full access to the Web…

    Also, I don’t think these settings are actually a secret:

  28. wow, i’m surprised. i thought that USA has good prices for internet and mobile communications. we here, in Latvia, have broadband internet for $15/month (~8Mbit) and permanent GPRS plans (unlimited) for $6/month… well, at least hardware is much cheaper in the States :)

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  30. This is an excellent article.
    How about the settings for the Samsung Blackjack?

  31. Why don’t they just make it transparent.. ? push all port 80 to their proxy — too bad if isn’t http.

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