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SpellBoy (m.spellboy.com)  is a mobile web based spell checker. Unlike the other online spell checkers I’ve seen this one doesn’t require JavaScript so it will work almost any browser.

To use SpellBoy you enter or paste the text you want to spellcheck into the single text field on the SpellBoy front page and press the “Check Spelling” submit button. SpellBoy displays your test with misspelled words replaced with drop-downs containing suggested spellings for each word. You correct the mistakes by choosing the correct word from each drop-down. When you press the “Return” button the corrected text is displayed in an editable text field where you can copy it and then paste it into a note, email or other document.

SpellBoy actually works in the embedded Openwave and Netfront browsers found many feature phones as long as you don’t paste too much text into the form. It also works with S60 Webkit, S60 Opera Mobile 8.65 and both the Java and S60 native versions of UCWEB 6.3 even with long documents. I didn’t have any luck using SpellBoy with Opera Mini, however. In that browser when you open the field containing the edited text to copy it the text field comes up blank. Which is a shame as Opera Mini is my main browser. It’s clearly an Opera mini bug which I’ve reported yousing Opera’s great online bug-reporting tool.

One limitation of SpellBoy on most non-smartphones is that it depends on being able to copy and paste into text fields. This sort of field level copy/paste is available on every S60, Palm OS and BlackBerry phone and on most Windows Mobile devices. Among feature phones I’ve only seen copy/paste on Sony-Ericsson handsets where it appears even on low end models. If your phone doesn’t have copy/paste don’t despair, there is a workaround. The UCWEB browser has it’s own built in copy/paste feature and it supports tabbed browsing. When you want to spell check an email or a blog update simply open SpellBoy in one UCWEB tab and your online email or blogging tool in another tab and copy the text between the two tabs.

I’m going to see if I can do some mobile blogging using a a combination of UCWEB, SpellBoy and WP-T-WAP, a WordPress plug-in I just discovered that provides a nice mobile WordPress Administration Panel.

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Ready.mobi Score: 4 “Good”

Mobile Link: m.spellboy.com

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