The Minneapolis StarTribune’s Updated Mobile Site is Content-Rich

 Minneapolis StarTribune

The Minneapolis StarTribune has updated its mobile site. The old site was really designed for PDA’s but usability scaled down to typical phones fairly well. The new one is a pure mobile xhtml page. There are links to about 25 breaking news stories on the front page organized into Weather, News, Sports, Business and Entertainment sections . Each section header links to additional stories for that section. Additional front page links go to obituaries, editorials, stock quotes, blogs, columnists, movie show times and an “Off the Wall News” section.  You can also search or browse though the paper’s  ads. The section pages each link to about 10 stories, so there is a lot of content on the mobile StarTribune.

The site is mainly text but a few pages contain images. There is also a separate photo gallery section with about 100 images. Page sizes average around 22KB, slightly larger than optimal for basic mobile browsers.

For Twin Cities residents, a mobile browser bookmark to the Star Tribune means they always have the daily paper in their pocket.

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Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXXX_ Score: 4 “Good”

Mobile Link: m.startribune.comwe are the champions.mp3